The Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is pleased to offer courses and exams for people wishing to obtain a amateur radio license. Amateur Radio now covers much more than just radio, because as well as traditional communications using Morse and Voice, you can send and receive data, slow scan television, normal fast television, GPS tracking of your location, even link to amateur stations around the world using radio linked to the internet! You do not need to know anything about electronics or radio to take an Amateur Radio License course - our recent candidates included a restauranteur, coach driver, scouts and a physiotherapist! It is now easier than ever before to obtain a radio license because there are now three levels of license (Foundation, Intermediate and Advance License) which you do in sequence and virtually anyone of any age from 8 years can take the Foundation License and get on the air in the wonderful world of radio. You do not have to be a member of the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club or any other club or organisation to attend a course or take an exam. However we suggest that you consider joining a club either before or after getting a license as there you will meet other like minded people of similar backgrounds who will more than be pleased to help and advise you on how best to get started in the hobby.
The Norfolk Amateur Radio Club meets each Wednesday evening at Eaton CNS School in Eaton Road Norwich and prospective members are invited to come and visit with no obligation. Details of our meeting place are in our About Us section. There may also be another club nearer to where you live - for more information ask the Exam secretary below or check on the internet, the RSGB ( or your local library.
How much will the course cost?
The courses and exams are run at no charge by members of the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club and use of the DCP Bryon Court or CNS premises are also offered free of charge for exams by their owners, so all you need to pay for is the examination fee (currently starting at £27.50 for the Foundation exam) which goes to the RSGB, the course book from £6 (from or other booksellers) and a small charge for the printed materials given out on the course and a CD of all the training slides - the intermediate course also has several practical projects with parts and training notes but the set costs just £10 and are yours to keep.

An Amateur Radio license is now free for life as long as it is applied for online and validated by you at least once every five years (see so the only other cost is some equipment, with a basic single band radio (or ‘rig’) starting at around £50 second hand or £100 new plus an aerial which you can make or buy.
When are the courses run?
We try and run courses relating to demand, so when there are enough people waiting for a course we arrange it. This means we fill the courses to optimum numbers and people wait as short a time as possible.
The courses are generally run at weekends at the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club meeting place at City of Norwich School in Eaton Norwich or at DCP near Attleborough. The initial Foundation Course is typically 2 weekend days, including a 45 minute multiple choice exam on the last day. The Intermediate course takes 5 days with the exam, again generally at weekends. The Advance course is a longer course over 7 days spanning many weeks and additional dedicated home study is also required on the Advance. The courses typically have 6-12 people maximum and are friendly and informal - please note you have to take each course and exam in sequence. We recommend that you order/purchase the course books before the course (make sure they are the latest editions) so that you can relate the coursework to the syllabus in the book - these are available from RSGB bookshop, etc.


Examination Centres used by NARC


David Palmer G7URP (Exam secretary and course address (RSGB Centre ref NF142)
DCP Microdevelopments Limited,
Bryon Court,
Bow Street,
Great Ellingham,
NR17 1JB
email  G7URP 

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club
Sixth Form Centre (details supplied woth course confirmation)

City of Norwich School (RSGB Centre Number NF424) 
Eaton Road

How do I apply?
A booking form is available from the exam secretary and will be emailed to those on a waiting list when the course is announced. Please note that the RSGB examination fee is non-refundable if the examination is not attended. Also note that you will need to bring photo-ID with you on the day of the examination.

Contact Information
Examination Secretary
David Palmer G7URP (by email please - this keeps administration efficient and the courses free of charge)

Course Lead Tutor
Simon Bywater M0EBN 07788 104127

How to get on a course:
To register on the waiting list for the next available course please send an email with your name, course required and your phone number to G7URP 


US License examinations

We are fortunate to have one of the very few authorised ARRL examiners for the US radio ham license exams in the UK within our club and Vic G0FEI/N0FEI has kindly offered to help us organise and invigilate US license examinations and help with queries like US address requirements etc.

For more information please discuss with Vic G0FEI or contact through David G7URP as above.