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NARC Appeal for more Contest Operators.
For this year it has been the aim of NARC to make a concerted effort to win the 80m Autumn Series for the first time.
So far we have achieved 3 first place results in the first 3 out of 9 events.
It does appear that 3As Contest Group are possibly intent on also winning this Autumn Series and they've given us some very strong opposition to date.
This year 3As have brought in some of their operators who haven't been active for a while, consequently they've been entering more logs of a very high calibre which could erode our current first place overall.
We do have a number of operators who have not joined us so far in this Autumn Series and if we are to hold off any strong challenges we really do need their valuable help to gain as many points as possible in the remaining 5 contests.
Please consider joining us in this short series of contests, even just a few contacts will all help to swell the entry from NARC.
There are events for SSB, CW and PSK/RTTY, similar to the 80m CCs.
Please help us in just one or all modes if possible.
It is your club please support it with 110% effort.

NARC CONtests needs
73 John G8VPE