Norwich – Koblenz Amateur Radio Links

Norwich Amateur Radio Club and the Koblenz Amateur Radio Club in Germany have maintained a monthly radio sked  since 2004 as part of the City Twinning arrangements between Norwich and  Koblenz. The sked is usually on the second Saturday of each month at 10.00am local clock time on 7.135MHz. To assist local Norwich stations to join the sked a listening watch will also be maintained on 145.250 VHF. So if you have difficulty in joining the net please call G3PDH (Malcolm) or G3LDI (Roger) on VHF.
For more information regarding the sked check the club diary or click here.

The junction of the Rhine (l to r) and Mosel Rivers at Koblenz ‘German Corner’

Visit in 2005 by Malcolm G3PDH to Koblenz and the shack of Koblenz Radio Club working CW back to Roger G3LDI in Norwich. Koblenz is situated at the junction of the Rhine and Mosel rivers amongst the vineyards of the beautiful Mosel Valley. Seated Malcolm G3PDH, left to right  Ralf DM5RS, Otto DL1PO, Arno DL1PBC, Johannes  DL7WJ and Guido DB5NG

The Mosel Valley region has many
picturesque towns and villages with
interesting churches and castles.

Beautiful Mosel Valley
The Mosel River


castle eltz
Castle Eltz

Arno at Elm Hill Norwich

Arno DL1PBC in Norwich

Presentation of the Koblenz City flag by Arno DL1PBC (right) to Peter G3ASQ NARC President. Arno was in the UK on an English language course in November 2005 and managed to make a quick weekend visit to Norwich.

Receiving the Koblenz flag

In April 2006 a 6 day visit was made by Arno DL1PBC and Ralf DM5RS to Norwich during which they toured the city and surrounding countryside as well as visiting NARC. They also took part in various Amateur Radio activities including a radio sked back to their club and other stations in Koblenz. During their visit to NARC formal gifts were exchanged and they met with many of the club members.


Arno presenting the Koblenz Trophy plate to Peter G3ASQ and presenting the Norwich City picture montage to Koblenz

On The Broads with David G0PFN
broads An evening out

Ralf in Mustard Shop

Arno & Ralf on the Norwich – Koblenz radio sked