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Welcome to the website of NARC, the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club.
We cater for a wide variety of interests within the hobby of Amateur Radio and its membership ranges from complete beginners to those experienced in operating and building electronic equipment. Beginners have the opportunity to participate in courses run by NARC, for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced licences and NARC was the recipient of 2009 RSGB Kenwood Trophy for outstanding contribution to Training.
The Social aspect of the club is thriving with family events such as Radio by the Seaside and Radio Active weekend when our 'MAC' (Mobile Amateur Communications) Radio van is also in attendance. Again this year we expect to operate stations from Happisburgh Lighthouse, North Norfolk Railway and Norfolk Gala Day, amongst others. NARC operates in various contests and is competing again in the RSGB CC on 80m, CWNFD and SSB FD.We have a comprehensive club programme running all year which includes external events, contesting and Special Events.  The complete list can be seen on the diary page.We also try to cater for youngsters with our "Bright Sparks" evenings when we dedicate an evening to assist the younger members in construction and operating techniques.The first Sunday in July sees the annual Barford Radio Rally.We hope you enjoy our website and we welcome feedback to the members of the committee.