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Please join us for our weekly Monday night radio net. It starts at 19.30 on repeater GB3NB (145.625 Mhz receive)

At the Forum last night we were asked to include details of who was running the net and subject on this newsletter - we would like to do this BUT we it is because we need more volunteers to run the net and not just a few and as I write this nobody has yet come forward..... So please have a go and just offer to run ONE net for the club, just an hour of your time from 7.30 on a Monday night - we will be very happy to promote it for you and also help you with the net if you need it. Over to you.....

Also as requested at the Forum members of your committee will also run a net approximately once a month to give NARC members a chance to talk to them about issues which concern them - let us have your thoughts.

As always, everyone is welcome!

David G7URP