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Wednesday September 4th is FORUM time at NARC. This is when you have YOUR say about what goes on at the Club, what goes into the programme and tell US what you would like to see. Hopefully we will either then comply or give you a reason why your item cannot be included.  There have been a few suggestions that were just not possible.  Hopefully most of you do read the Newsletter each week, although we do have a few Luddites who do not  have Internet connections or even possess a computer. Those that do should also make a point of looking at the Club programme on the NARC website. This is the obvious way that you will know well in advance just what is on at the Club.  Please give this some thought and come along on Wednesday evening. The chairs will be placed in semi-circles in front of the tables where the accused will sit and be judged!    Please don't bring any rotten eggs or tomatoes however, the committee do try to do their very best for you. We look forward to a very interesting and spontaneous evening.