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This weekend is International Lightouses on the Air and Happisburgh Lighthouse, the only privately owned operational Lighthouse in Britain, is a unique opportunity for any licenced member to learn how to set up and operate a special event station!
On Saturday modes available are cw, ssb & data, on Sunday all modes are available, but because of acoustics & the extra noise with public visitors, operating ssb can be difficult & headphones / headset will be needed but is an ideal chance to give data modes a try.

Please come and help us run it - these stations are put on for YOU! We already have a few volunteers to help set up and run it but need a few more and here is the roster as of Wednesday:


Setting up 8.30am - 10am.    G3XLG     2E0TWQ
10am - 12.00                       2E0TWQ  2E0WPZ
12 - 2pm                              
2pm - 4pm                           G1DXQ
4pm - 5pm
10am - 12.00                        2E0TWQ
12- 2pm                       
2pm - 4pm
4pm - 5pm
Closing down from 5pm Sunday

Malcolm G3PDH, 2E0NKI and Steve M0TZY will be there all weekend.