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Monday June 2nd

RSGB CC contest 80m data


Wednesday June 4th

'Has it started yet?' (2014 Es season)

Great timing here for a pre-E season talk by the expert - Jim Bacon G3YLA



Preceeded by a contest workshop to finalise NFD of course so PLEASE do not be late.

Contest workshop - NFD final details


Saturday/Sunday 7th/8th June

NFD - RSGB CW contest

NFD A-station

Radio Active -

Details to be announced.


Wednesday June 11th


RSGB CC contest 80m CW


Wenesday June18th

Informal - Bright Sparks - Workshop available - see David G7URP

Thursday 19th June

RSGB CC contest 80m SSB


Wednesday June 25th

Special visit and talk by David Sumner K1ZZ, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Secretary of the ARRL.