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Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th August
  G100RSGB             Radio Society of Great Britain Centenary Call Sign.  Organised by Chris G0DWV

 If the new G0DWV shack is not completed this event will be held in a caravan  in the garden. It will be a serious attempt over the two days and it is hoped that it will run for the full period of the two days, including throughout the night. This is only going to work if we get enough volunteers to operate the stations.

There will be up to 4 stations available:

1: HF 20m through to 10m with beams on all thos HF bands and linear.

2: HF 160, 80, 40 again with linear.

3: 6m and or 2m if bands open.

4: 2m FM or SSB ( or CW if ops available )

Camping on site is fine or, if Chris has the garage completed, fold-up beds can be used.

BBQ will be available, as will tea, coffee, water, etc.  The aim is to have fun, to try to beat the record 3000 Qs set by G3LZQ and to give as many as possible the chance to operate a well-equipped HF station. Chris will be forming a rota of ops so let him know when you wish to operate, and what station/mode etc.  Visitors and helpers always welcome, in fact a good excuse for a great two day event. Bring your own sausages, burgers, chicken, kangaroo, or whatever to BBQ

 Wednesday 7th August

Trophy Foxhunt

Wednesday 14th August
Informal in the main room. WORKSHOP
At CNS the Club shack open, Construction tools available.

CONTEST Discussion:  Please try to attend. We will be deciding on 2014 strategy and also proposals to submit to the RSGB Contest Committtee.

Saturday Sunday 17/18th August

Lighthouse Weekend at Happisburgh.  The organiser for this event is Nicki 2E0NKI. Please contact Nicki with offers of help and operating schedules etc.

Wednesday 21st August
" And is there still Raspberry Pi forte"  by Jim Whiteside M0HPJ. Jim will talk about the Raspberry Pi and potential applications for amateur radio.
raspberry pi

Wednesday 28th August
Social and informal plus Raspberry Pi hands on workshop specifically for Raspberry Pi owners and Bright Sparks, Club shack open, Workshop available please email David This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require tools etc