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jackplug2Working from home my shack is split into two,  the Office and the Shack. The IC756 Pro 3 is the main HF station transceiver and  my second HF radio is in my  /M shack?   I also operate VHF and UHF with two separate 2 metre and 70cm radios along with a D-STAR Radio.  The video monitor is showing GB3TN,  the ATV Repeater located in Fakenham. Above the second monitor is my DXCC certificate gained nearly 9 years ago Roger !  Computers are used for both my hobby and career and are dotted all over the shack for use in DATA modes etc.
I have been licenced since 1986 and you will receive extra points if you get my first callsign.
73 de ???
Whose shack is this ? Click for larger image. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your answers,  just for fun.