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Monday 12th July
7.30pm on GB3NB: Monday night informal net 
8.30pm on 80m - CW net
Wednesday 14th July: NARC Live - Radio Direction finding foxhunt Outside Broadcast special!
Last Wednesdays NARC Live - Magnetic Loop Antenna special
You can watch last weeks NARC Live on Facebook or now on YouTube:
About NARC Live!
NARC Live! is a weekly amateur radio show which during the pandemic is how the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club gets together every week to keep everyone in touch.
It is broadcast live very Wednesday night at 19.30 and is hosted and produced by David Palmer G7URP and Tammy Palmer M0TC for Norfolk Amateur Radio Club as well as any other radio amateurs who are interested. For more details about our club please visit:
Contact details for anything for NARC Live: David G7URP & Tammy M0TC - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch live on either Facebook or BATC live every Wednesday evening - everyone welcome not just NARC members:

NARC Live starts at 19.30 on Facebook:  (note that our Facebook page also has every previous episode of NARC Live to play back)

and live on BATC:  

Recent recordings of some NARC Live, together with other NARC Videos are on our YouTube channel:


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David G7URP & Tammy M0TC