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QCX frequency alignment - the easy way.

3 years 7 months ago #479 by M0NFY
To align the frequency of the QCX you need to adjust the value in menu 8.5 (Ref frq).
This comes set to 27,004,000Hz
A lot of internet searches finds some quite bizarre ways of getting this adjusted correctly.
Hopefully this will make life simpler for NARC members building this xcever.
All you need is a well calibrated radio or frequency meter. (I used my ft-897)
Go to menu 8.5 on the qcx and set the ref frq to 27,000,000Hz
Then go to menu 9.6 (signal gen) and set that to 27,000,000Hz as well.
Use the radio (or frequency meter) to search for the carrier being produced by the qcx. Mine was 27,004,850Hz. Yours probably won't be.
If you don't hear it then connect a short lead to the clk0 test pin (just next to pin 16 of IC4) and try again.
Enter this frequency into menu 8.5 of the qcx and that's it. All aligned.
Hope that's of help to somebody.

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3 years 6 months ago #482 by g8oo
Replied by g8oo on topic QCX frequency alignment - the easy way.
Tnx fer info

I was wondering how to do this and your suggestions will greatly assist

TTFN de AlanH g8oo

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