Make or repair?
There are many old pieces of test gear which have been offered to NARC members free from someone in Norwich.
If you are interested in this sort of equipment please contact David G7URP on the address below and he will put you in touch.

Best Wishes from NARC.... 

We have created a special card from Norfolk Amateur Radio club featuring pictures of club events and people.
If you know anyone who is celebrating a Special Occasion, is unwell or just feeling fed up in these strange times and would be cheered by receiving one of these cards from the club (amateur or not), drop us a line with the recipients address and we will be pleased to send one to them.
NARC Live is here to keep everyone in touch in these strange times but we rely on you for content, so if you have any other news for this spot, just drop it on an email to David G7URP & Tammy M0TC:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you

SWL  IV3-57306 Giorgio
2E0BDB Tony
2E0BNI George
2E0CYV Phillip
2E0DBS David
2E0FRD David
2E0OBO Bob
2E0ODT Belinda
2E0PKH Paul
2E0POI Lorna
2E0RHT Ralph
2E0SZP Michael
2E0TSZ+ Susan
2E0TWQ John
2E0VFN Ben
2E0YAO+ Lorna
2E1GTE Sarah
G0CBO Rodney
G0DCA Andrew
G0DWV Chris
G0FEI Victor
G0FVG Peter
G0HZP Mervyn
G0IMU David
G0JIV Francis
G0KHC David
G0KYA Steve
G0LGJ Mark
G0MQG Tony
G0MXN John
G0ODR+ Colin
G0OOR+ Tony
G0PEQ Peter
G0ZAA Shirli
G1EGL Robert
G3EVA Steve
G3JNB Victor
G3LDI Roger
G3MPN David
G3PDH Malcolm
G3PXT Gordon
G3SEM Paul
G3VPT Paul
G3VWQ Peter
G3VYG Roger
G3WRJ Dick
G3XLL John
G3XVL Chris
G3YOA Alec
G3ZQU Martin
G4CCX Chris
G4DYC Mike
G4GHO Steve
G4JUV Neil
G4KLM Peter
G4KQY Mike
G4LPP+ Philip
G4NRL Keith
G4NZQ Phillip
G4PFZ John
G4RB Robin
G4RZN Richard
G4TUK Robert
G4VLS Paul
G4WTD Colin
G4ZBA Paul
G6AIO Phillip
G6YPJ Jeff
G7JTZ Robert
G7KBF Stuart
G7PQF James
G7SNC Ivan
G7URP+ David
G8CHP John
G8EEY Mike
G8OO Alan
G8SDU Robert
G8VPE John
G8WSH Martin
M0BLH Scott
M0CKB Keith
M0CNM Andy
M0DZB Keith
M0GMK Colin
M0HBL Peter
M0HET Stephen
M0HGR Kenneth
M0HGU Nick
M0JKB Stuart
M0KGH Geoffrey
M0KRK Donard
M0LDK Simon
M0LJD Laura
M0MBI Adrian
M0MUI+ Mui
M0NFY+ Neville
M0NKR+ Andrew
M0NVT Nick
M0OCL Leanne
M0OLY Olly
M0RYB Peter
M0SIH Simon
M0SWO Anthony
M0SYW Sonny
M0TC Tammy
M0TDK Tony
M0TEO + Thomas
M0TUM Richard
M0TVG Michael
M0UJD Kevin
M0UKS James
M0UMG+ Mark
M0VRA Peter
M0WBR Robert
M0WEL David
M0XKM Martijn
M0XUI+ James
M0XXM Mike
M0XXR Becky
M0ZAE Henry
M0ZAH James
M1AFQ Paul
M5AEC Barrie
M6DBA Dominic
M6KYF Stephen
M6LXM Andrew
M6NUB Charles
M6VUD Andrew
M6WYM Spiros
M6ZLA Zena
M7BAZ Barry
M7GMD Geoff
M7MCO Michael
M7MJS Martin
M7PWL Rodney
Max Max
MI0TMW Mervyn
Sam Sam
SWL Paul
SWL William
W2RS Ray

SWL  IV3-57306 Giorgio
2E0BDB Tony Grosvenor
2E0BNI George Marshall
2E0CYV Phillip Richards
2E0DBS David Baines
2E0FRD David Collins-Cubitt
2E0GJU Steve Washington
2E0NLK Nigel Lake
2E0NXL Paul McGee
2E0OBO Bob Blackman
2E0ODT Belinda Hendry
2E0PKH Paul Holman
2E0POI Lorna Young
2E0SZP Michael Szpytko
2E0TTN Marshall Groves
2E0TWQ John Attwood
2E0VFN Ben Bewick
2E0XLL John Lockwood
2E0YAO+ Lorna Jex
2E0YRU Karen Michael
2E1GTE Sarah Hall
2M0RHT Ralph Harknes
G0AKO Roy Cleveland
G0CBO Rodney Hoffman
G0DCA Andrew Coldwell
G0DFC Leslie Cropeley
G0DWV Chris Danby
G0ELJ Dave Dawson
G0FEI Victor Ward
G0FVG Peter Wilson
G0GFQ Keith Martin
G0HQJ Gordon Young
G0IMU David Spearman
G0JAG Richard Glyn
G0JIV Francis Gurney-Smith
G0JSV Tom Tierney
G0KHC David Christy
G0KYA Steve Nichols
G0LGJ Mark Taylor
G0MQG Tony Hall
G0MQI Robert Ingle
G0MXN John Peters
G0ODR+ Colin Hendry
G0OOR+ Tony Jex
G0PEQ Peter Cook
G0SGT Daivd Huddleston
G0TZZ Chris Soames
G0VDO Reg Pond
G0ZAA Shirli Walker
G1EGL Robert Preston
G1FPK Ron Kerridge
G1KTN Richard Warner
G1MSE David Rudd
G3EVA Steve Ayers
G3JNB Victor Brand
G3LDI Roger Cooke
G3MPN David Johnson
G3PDH Malcolm Prestwood
G3PND Steve Appleyard
G3PXT Gordon Higgins
G3SEM Paul Cort-Wright
G3VPT Paul Burgess
G3VWQ Peter Forster
G3VYG Roger Walpole
G3WRJ Dick Bacon
G3XLG Ray Spreadbury
G3XLL John Lockwood
G3XVL Chris McCarthy
G3YLA Jim Bacon
G3YOA Alec Adams
G3YPP Mike Costello
G3ZIG Roy Reed
G3ZQU Martin Goodrum
G4BDW Jim Bagley
G4CCX Chris Elsden
G4DYC Mike Cooke
G4GHO Steve Webb
G4HUN Neil Whiteside
G4IJC Jim Cadman
G4JUV Neil Bauers
G4KLM Peter Raven
G4KQY Mike Pearce
G4LPP+ Philip Holt
G4NRL Keith Belton
G4NZQ Phillip Brooks
G4OZG Ted Haskett
G4PFZ John Aspland
G4PNF Peter Fullman
G4RAV Pete Evans
G4RB Robin Baldwin
G4RZN Richard Leeds
G4TUK Robert Scarfe
G4VLS Paul Turnham
G4WTD Colin Flatman
G4WUG Kim Medley
G4ZBA Paul Rogers
G6AIO Phillip Hillier
G6PWS Bob Fuller
G6YXB Daivd Hewson
G6ZRV Peter Stainton
G7DFP John Fitzpatrick
G7ETC Simon Abel
G7JTZ Robert Smith
G7KBF Stuart Edge
G7PQF James Souster
G7SNC Ivan Palmer
G7URP+ David Palmer
G8AUN Reg Chiddick
G8CHP John Orton
G8EEY Mike Mobbs
G8IFF Nigel Gunn
G8IXM Roy Pickett
G8OO Alan Holdsworth
G8SDU Robert Clayton
G8VPE John Noy
G8XQD Tom Miller
M0BLH Scott Laddiman
M0CNM Andy Williams
M0DXR Mark Haynes
M0DZB Keith Johnson
M0GMK Colin Dawson
M0HBL Peter Richmond
M0HET Stephen Cordner
M0HGR Kenneth Noakes
M0HGU Nick Norman
M0JKB Stuart Lucas
M0JRN David Highton
M0KGH Geoffrey Hotchkiss
M0KJW Ken Walker
M0KKM Kevin Minett
M0KRK Donard De Cogan
M0LDK Simon Alexander
M0LJD Laura Goldsmith
M0MTW John Bailey
M0MUI+ Mui Ribbands
M0NFY+ Neville Young
M0NKR+ Andrew Goldsmith
M0NVT Nick Tennant
M0OCL Leanne Hendry
M0OEB Charles Brennan
M0RYB Peter Lock
M0SIH Simon Hammond
M0SWO Anthony Sword
M0SYW Sonny Ward
M0SZ Susan Ziolkowski
M0TC Tammy Palmer
M0TDK Tony Tywhitt-Drake
M0TEO + Thomas Ziolkowski
M0TFX Tom Fisk
M0TUM Richard Robinson
M0TVG Michael Shurley
M0UJD Kevin Colman
M0UKS James Banham
M0UMG+ Mark Ribbands
M0VRA Peter Claydon
M0WBR Robert Walker
M0WEL David Wells
M0XKM Martijn Koster
M0XTF Tony Francis
M0XUI+ James Ribbands
M0XXM Becky Jennings
M0XXR Becky Jennings
M0YCT Mark Steeples
M0ZAE Henry Elm
M0ZAH James Colderwood
M1ADX Jonathan Towns
M1AFQ Paul Brooks
M1TES James
M3LGJ Peter Bishop
M5AEC Barrie Drinkwater
M5MSX Martin Smith
M6DBA Dominic Austrin
M6JAU John Goldsmith
M6KYF Stephen Brooks
M6NUB Charles Owens
M6UES Richard Hawes
M6WYM Spiros Koskinas
M6ZLA Zena Lucas
M7AQG Ken Wallis-Gare
M7BAZ Barry Wright
M7BLX David Cooke
M7GVE Albert Savill
M7JPC Jan Christiaens
M7MCO Michael Onassis
M7MIT Timothy Haynes
M7NEE Neil Edwards
M7NTY Kay Woods
M7PWL Rodney Sparrow
M7TTI Ashley Sullivan
M7WPA Michael Hammond
M9NWL Nick Wheeler
M9ZTC Terry Collins
MI0TMW Mervyn Wylie
MM0UMH Les Mitchell-Hynd
SWL2 Alison Holt
W2RS Ray Soifer

As it is the new year it is now time to renew your Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Membership..... but great news:

There are no increases in membership fees! 

Rates are as per below.

Ordinary Member £25
Concession Member £20
Associate £7 (for an occasional visit to the club - designed for those who do not live in the area but want to belong)
Junior £5
Family including Brightsparks £30
Joining part year after the AGM Above prices £ / 12 x months left
(3 Months Free Associate following a NARC foundation course £0 - special form given at the course)

Past members need not complete a new form as long as they renew by the end of January.
New address or callsign ? form available click the PDF icon pdf

Payment can be made online using your callsign as a Reference Sort 402008 Acc 31432222
Or post or bring cheques payable to Norfolk Amateur Radio Club or NARC to the club, or good old fashioned cash.

Regards Mark G0LGJ

The schedule for NARC Morse tuition locally is as follows:
1000 - 1100 Coffee Break Morse with Chris G4CCX on 145.250MHz
1900 - 2000 Raw Beginners as first choice with Roger G3LDI on 145.250MHz
Stephen M6KYF is the only student in this class. If you wish to learn CW, call in.
2000 - 2100 Intermediates with Jim G3YLA on 145.625MHz - in other words on GB3NB repeater,
1000 - 1100 Coffee Break Morse with Chris G4CCX on GB3NB
2000 - 2100 Advanced Class with Malcolm G3PDH on the GB3NB Repeater.
The Tuesday class is well attended, as is the Thursday class on GB3NB.
INFORMAL evenings at the Club will still have Morse in the Computer Room with Paul M1AFQ and Chris G4CCX.

There have been mumblings in the mortuary about the content in the NARC Newsletter.

It's the same every week!! We see the same people writing stuff every week. It's always about CW, Propagation, Contests etc.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, these are subjects that are the very essence of our hobby!!

We never see any news on home construction, the Bright Sparks, the DX I have worked, the latest antenna I made, repeater news, fast scan TV news, technical topics, and so on.

Well, there is one answer to that! Why don't YOU write something? It's not difficult. I would love to read about YOUR pet subject, so get to your keyboard and start typing. Deadline is Thursday evening, late, and if you are not sure how to get it to the Newsletter, a simple set of instructions are available.


Hi if you need to purchase from the shop or post on the forum you will need to login to the website. If you do not have a login please register with us.Click one of the buttons below to start the process.
Your login will normally be your callsign.


Coming Soon



NARC are afflitated to the RSGB
Regional and National Winners of Club of the Year 2015

Lottery Funded

Lottery funding enabled NARC to purchase direction finding equipment for training, competitions and as a fun family introduction to amateur radio

Committee Links

Use the links below to contact us

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Exam Sec

NARC Training 2020

Amateur Radio Training with NARC

Training is very important to NARC because we realise this is how new people come into the hobby and attain their Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Amateur Radio licenses.
We are pleased to offer courses which are based on demand and our programme of other events and activities. To register your interest for a course and exam please email your name and contact details, together with which level of training course you are waiting for,  to the Club Exam Secretary David Palmer G7URP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club meetings


During the current Covid-19 pandemic when the club cannot physically meet, the club now broadcasts its own magazine show NARC Live! every Wednesday with news, features and guests.
It is streamed online live from 19.30 BST at the following places:

• Facebook Live:

• BATC Streaming service:

The club meets virtually every Wednesday throughout the year in the sixth form centre of the City of Norwich School, Eaton Road, Norwich, NR4 6PP from 1900-2130.

We welcome anyone of any age, gender or ability and who enjoys experimenting with radio and electronics to come and meet us and see what we do in our hobby.

Please see above ONLINE tab for details of the club programme and below this piece for contacts of club official.

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