The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) welcome anyone to watch almost of their webinars free of charge and they are really good.

There are many of them produced by local IET groups and one coming up next Thursday which I thought may interest many NARC members is this one on Alan Blumlein, a prolific inventor and engineer who left a legacy of 128 patents by the time he died at just 38 years old, whilst onboard an aircraft during World War II that had been testing ground-breaking radar technology.  In the 150th anniversary year of the IET they are privileged to present a touching account by his surviving elder son, which covers the life and work of his father as well personal reflections.  Many of Alan Blumlein’s patented technologies are the antecedents of the glue that holds together much of our lives, such as in television, broadcasting, and even computers.  Arguably best known of all, Alan Blumlein invented stereo; and woven into the story are now household names such as EMI and the famous Abbey Road studios. 

You can book to watch this webinar at home here but don't leave it long as they have limited free spaces:

I hope it is of interest - search  for many more


73, David G7URP



Please let me know of anything you would like to share with other members which may be of interest.