Every week since March 2020 we have been shown you the shack of a NARC member and asked you to guess whose shack it is, but last Wednesdays 'Who works from a shack like this...' was the very last one.

It belonged to non other than Roger G3LDI when he was based in Wymondham in the 1980's - congratulations if you got it right!


As a Finale we thought it would be fun to have a quick look back over all of the shacks (how many can you remember?), plus reveal a few extra shacks which didnt make it to the show - including one with its own Toilet!  It's what we call the Shack Wrap!


Thank you to everyone who ent us a picture of their shack or entered the competition.... we know it brought lots of people lots of fun every single week since April 2020.


As well as our Shack Wrap we will be starting a brand new competition which everyone can contribute to and take part in. Details of our new competition revealed on Wednesday!



David G7URP & Tammy M0TC