All of the video cameras have now been sold and collected/posted or reserved for collection at Barford.

Below is my master list taken from emails sent as well as some people we noted who reserved on Facebook on last weeks NARC Live. Please check below for your resevervation and if anything is wrong or you have changed your mind please let me know as soon as possible before Sunday, otherwise please collect and pay by cash at Barford (£10 per 3).

Thank you for your support and I will announce the profits made for charity on NARC Live once they have all been collected and paid for.

David G7URP

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COLLECTING AT BARFORD 4th JULY - All to pay - £10 for 3 

Please collect your cameras from the club Gazebo in front of the village hall before 1pm

Bob G6PWS x 6
Richard M6UES x 3
Paul G3VPT x 3
John 2E0TWQ x 3
Michael 2E0SZP x 3
Roger G3LDI x 3
Jan M7JPC x 3
Andy M0NKR x 6
Martin Goodrum x 3
Kevin M0UJD x 3
Tony G0MQG x 3
Nev M0NFY x 3
Peter M0VRA x 3
Tom Miller x 3
John M6JAV x 3
Mark G0LGJ x 3 (Prepaid)
If you are not now collecting at Barford this Sunday or have changed your mind about your order please let me know asap so that I can sell them to others
Nigel 2E0NLK x 3  - Paid
Ralph 2M0RHT x 3 - Paid
Kay M7NTY x 3 - Paid
Paul Brooks x 3 - To pay



Information on the cameras - for reference

As featured on NARC Live we have a special deal on some small video cameras for NARC members. Not only are these cameras very cheap but we also make a small profit on each one and all the profits will go to the NARC adopted charity which members voted for 2021, the East Anglian Childrens Hospice who, like many charities, have lost a lot of income because of the pandemic. Our thanks to Gordon G0HQJ for spotting and collecting these!

These standard resolution video cameras have a composite colour PAL output which means that they will plug directly into TVs or monitors with a composite video input or SCART socket (or into an HDMI socket via a composite to HDMI adapter available from eBay etc).

Each camera also has a small microphone built in for audio and needs 12 volts of DC power. 

Applications include bird boxes, security, vehicle reversing camera etc.

The camera is metal cased with a built in metal bracket and adjustable focus lens - it is not waterproof but could be mounted in a waterproof box. Each camera comes complete with a plug-in cable set. Technical specifications as known are shown below.

Each camera is individually boxed with cable set, instructions and basic mounting hardware.


Technical specifications:

• Camera sensor: 1/3" Sony Super HAD II 480TVL (standard resolution - not HD)

• Built in 3.6mm medium angle lens

• Sensitivity: 0.02 Lux colour and 0.002 Lux mono (they are responsive to IR but not IR lit)

• Connections:  

   BNC socket for Composite PAL Video

   Phono socket for Audio

   2.1mm DC socket for 12 volts DC Power (polarity standard centre positive)

• Approximate size 31mm x 31mm x 32mm (excluding removable bracket)