As we enter a new year, like me I hope that you share my feeling that this year will be better than 2020 for everyones sake.

However of course it looks like it will still be some time before the club will be able to meet, so Tammy and I plan on continuing to produce NARC Live every week to keep everyone in touch as well as hopefully educate, enthuse and entertain.


As well as the guest speakers which Roger and I are already researching and engaging, we would really like to tap into some of the talent that I feel sure we have within our own club and ask you to consider if you have a particular aspect of amateur radio, electronics or other interest which you could talk about from home, then please drop me a line or call me to discuss (without obligation) as I promise we will make that process easy; It does not have to be a formal talk with powerpoint type slides etc, just something that you know a bit about and feel others will be interested in -  we can just talk about it between us if that makes you more comfortable.

Last year several club members who are not normally speakers rose to the challenge and I hope that others will follow this year - couldn't you?


With thanks for your continued support of NARC Live and sincere gratitude for the wonderful award which the club presented to Tammy and I in a surprise visit, although we do not expect or ask anything except that you to keep watching and participating as you have done so loyally since the end of March last year.

And a reminder that you can watch any previous NARC Live! on catchup (including last weeks award special) just by visiting


Tammy joins me in sending our very best wishes for health, happiness and hope to you, your family and friends for 2021.


David G7URP 

Chairman NARC