Monday 1st March - Monday night net

Our informal Monday night net this Monday discusses comedy, your favourite acts and shows.
Please join us on GB3NB next Monday at 19.30.
(Last weeks net was attended by 12 stations and continued for over 2 hours talking about their dessert island necessities)
Best 73 Steve G3EVA 



Wednesday 3rd March - NARC Live!

Spotting is a really useful way of finding other stations and the DX cluster is one of the most frequently used tools, but tonight Kevan N4XL shows us how we can use N1MM to spot to help improve rare DX or maximise points for contesting. As always Kevan will be live and so you will be able to ask him questions.


Plus at the beginning of the show we also have our regular features of your news and views and find out "Who works from a shack like this..."!

Please send all of your pictures, news and stories for NARC Live to David & Tammy before 6pm on Tuesday at the latest this week to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NARC Live starts at 19.30 on Facebook:  (note that Facebook also has ALL previous episodes of NARC Live to play back)


and BATC:




Kevan N4XL, tonights speaker on NARC Live:




Each week we show you the shack of a NARC member and ask you to guess whose shack it is.

Do you know who this weeks shack belongs to? (it would be perfect just before a WhisKey...)

Send your answer or guess to Tammy & David before 6pm on Tuesday this week please, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



IMG_1231 (2).jpeg




Last weeks software defined radio remote shack belonged to Tom G0JSV - extra points if you got it right!


IMG_4917.jpeg IMG_4921.jpeg




If you think you know whose shack it is (or just have a guess!) please email David & Tammy with your guess to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by pm TUESDAY please and be sure to watch NARC Live on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm to find out who's it is!


We really are on final shacks now!

After a different shack on every show since last March we are now running low but will keep showing them until you send no more, so if you would like us to feature your shack on this fun quiz please send it to us NOW as we will be changing to a different competition once we have used the last shacks....     

Tonight @ 8 with Steve Nichols G0KYA

This Monday 1st March is another in the series of RSGB Tonight @ 8 webinars, free for anyone to watch and interact with.

This months webinar looks at the latest Propagation tools with our own Steve Nichols G0KYA and technical production is by David G7URP and Tammy M0TC.

For details of Mondays webinar and how to watch please visit www.rsgb.org/webinars



Ferrite special

NARC have secured a special deal for the ferrites for the following common mode choke


Fair-Rite part number 2643167851

Price just £2.00 per ferrite 

May be collected from Dereham or Norwich with social distancing in place and payment via bank transfer to NARC.

please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details



Calling CQ, this is GB80ATC Air Training Corps

To mark the 80th Anniversary of the ‘Formation’ of the Air Training Corps on the 5th of February 1941 Ofcom has issued the ‘Special’- Special Event Station callsign GB80ATC which is valid for use between 5th February 2021 and 4th February 2022.

Today the organisation is known as the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and ‘Parented’ by the RAF, there are approximately 41K Cadets and 12K Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer staff many of whom are trained to operate radio equipment. Some are Licenced Amateur Radio Operators having gained their licences by progressing via the Air Cadet Foundation Licence Course. The callsign will be managed by David MØSKT during the year, assisted by a team of serving CFAV staff who are UK Licence holders. The aim is to celebrate the 80 Anniversary of the Air Training Corps by reaching out to Radio Amateurs across the world and hopefully reconnecting with former ATC members.

So listen out for GB80ATC and make contact if you can - lots of amateurs started with them!



Contest latest...

The next contest in the CC series is Data modes on Monday 1st March so we are looking for a maximum of log entries as we are under a bit more pressure.

73, Malcolm G3PDH



Last weeks NARC Live - Getting to know Ian Shepherd G4EVK

We have just uploaded to the clubs YouTube page last Wednesdays NARC Live which was Getting to know Ian Shepherd G4EVK, plus club news and all of the regular features. You will find it on Norfolk ARC Youtube page and this direct link: https://youtu.be/z993r_jkVyg

All previous NARC Live! are always available to watch on the clubs Facebook page: www.facebook.com/norfolkamateurradioclub

For many years now the UK Radio Amateur Radio structure has followed the three tier Foundation, Intermediate and Advance (Full) system which each level has an exam which has to be taken and passed before the person can move onto the next level. The RSGB would now like to consult all radio amateurs on the idea to also offer a Direct to Full exam, where people who already have the knowledge of all three levels may be able to take just one big exam to get their Full license. Note that the three tier system will still be there for those who prefer to progress in gradual steps.

What do you think? Don't keep them to yourself, make your thoughts known! 

To find out details on the proposal, examine the syllabus and proposed exam details and have your say please visit:


Note this is open equally to RSGB members or non-members to respond and closes on March 14th


73, David G7URP.


HF News

We had a slightly better week in terms of solar activity, but the consensus is that HF propagation is still in the doldrums.

Two sunspot groups made an appearance last week, although by the time you read this they may have vanished around the Sun’s edge again. Groups 2804 and 2805 pushed the solar flux index to 81 by Thursday with a sunspot number of 33.

Although group 2804 was quite large and also responsible for several low-level B-class solar flares, 2805 never really managed to appear as much more than a pinprick on the solar surface.

Last week was dominated by geomagnetic disturbances with the Kp index staying at four for a lot of the time. This was mainly caused by the arrival of matter from a coronal mass ejection that was launched off of the Sun on 20th February, and ongoing high-speed solar wind streams from coronal holes.

The solar wind speed has been dropping which suggests a return to more settled geomagnetic conditions this weekend.

The US Air Force predicts the solar flux index will start at 82 on Sunday, but then decline to 74 as the week progresses. The reflects the lack of future sunspot activity currently being seen on the STEREO Ahead spacecraft.

Geomagnetic conditions are likely to start settled but become unsettled on the first, second, and sixth of March with a potential Kp index of five. This is due to matter arriving from a very large coronal hole on the solar surface.

So it looks like a reasonable weekend for HF, but conditions and MUFs may decline early next week.

And note that we are now entering March. Spring is typically a time when HF favours North-South paths, such as the UK to South Africa and South America.

Make the most of the next couple of months, before we enter the Summer season, which is characterised by lower F2-layer maximum usable frequencies. However, the bands will stay open longer, perhaps even 24 hours on 20 metres by mid Summer.

Short-skip Sporadic E on 7-28MHz can make up for decreasing F2-layer propagation and activity, but we are still a couple of months away from the start of the Es season.

VHF and up

As we ended the week, an area of high pressure extended towards southern Britain from the southwest. It should have become firmly established over the country by now and should produce a welcome return of Tropo conditions for the VHF and UHF bands.

This should dominate into next week, but during Tuesday a more summer-like area of low pressure drifts north from Biscay and may produce some heavy spring showers over Southern England, so possible rain scatter conditions coming up for midweek.

The high doesn’t go away and should bring further Tropo after this showery interlude, but eventually an Atlantic cold front will move into northwest Britain at the end of the week, starting a spell of unsettled, windy weather there, but leaving southern Britain under the Tropo ridge for another day or so.

We are now in an extended period where lowest EME path losses coincide with low Moon declination and hence short Moon visibility windows. This week, declination goes negative on Monday so Moon visibility windows and peak Moon elevations will reduce.

Path losses continue to fall this week as we get to the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, called perigee, on Tuesday.

There are no major meteor showers until mid March, so pre-dawn continues to be the best time for random meteor scatter contacts.

We are in a more restricted time yet again for a few more months. What better time could you wish for to learn Morse? Why should you do it? Well, one good reason is that you are missing out on lots of things:
1 47% of the amateur radio frequencies that are available.
2 A lot of fun which can be had every day.
3 A lot of contests, activity periods, DX-peditions, IOTAs, SOTAs, etc.
You will also be able to listen to the CW end of the band and not hear just a load of interrupted tones at varying speed. You will hear people, even friends, and make new friends. It will all come to life once you have mastered the learning of the code.
But hey, you DO have time now. Stop the frivolous activities, such as watching TV, and join one of the classes locally. You will not regret it if you are interested in global RADIO communications.
We do it, not because it's easy, but because it's hard, but the rewards await you.

.CW practice


CW 80m Net
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club CW Net.
This is an informal net, to enable people to become familiar with operating in a net, netting properly and being short and to the point overs.
NARC Net: 3545kHz plus or minus QRM.
The Net Controller, normally Malcolm G3PDH, will call CQ at 8.30 p.m. local time on Monday evenings. Call with just your call sign once until he acknowledges you.
1 Keep a note of the order. This will be sent.
2 Net on to the Net Controller to the nearest Hz if you can.
3 Keep overs short with brief comments, no waffling, and pass transmission to the next on the list.
4 There is a 2m discussion after the Net on 145.250MHz
Morse Classes for winter 2020 are going well.
Report from G3LDI, the Bad Cop, on the Monday QSO format session. 145.250MHz / 3.521MHz 1000 local time.

bad cop
This week, with only two joining, Phil G4LPP and Tony G0OOR, we spent time with several QSO format overs, reading it but only jotting down the salient points again. Les G0DFC also called in for 30 minutes but had to go after that. I borrowed the Good Cop hat from Jim this week. I kept the speed under 30wpm for the whole session!
Join in and see how well you can do. We have a lot of fun and laughs on there, especially with the EISH5 groups!
You will be most welcome.It's rapid fire stuff to keep you mentally alert!
73 de Roger, G3LDI

Report from Jim, the Good Cop, on his 25wpm session. GB3NB repeater 2000 local time Tuesdays

.good cop

Beginners CW 25wpm Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021

A very good performance from Dave G0ELJ in the 25wpm CW class on GB3NB at 8pm on Tuesday evening. We covered QSO segments and abbreviations and although sending each one five times, the first four with an extra space between letters and then at the full ‘line speed’ of 25wpm.

Same next week then with more QSO segments and getting a flavour of what happens in a real QSO so that you can listen on the bands and not feel lost in all the various shorthand bits.

Can’t stress enough that listening to real QSO on the bands is one of the best ways to move forward and don’t worry if you miss bits at first. The more you do the better it will get and that will mean that by the time your sending is ready, you will know what it all means.

Until next week ,

73 de Jim

Morse with Anubis - Tuesdays 1000 on 145.250MHz. Thursdays on GB3NB 1000 local time.

GB2CW Report 25-02-21

Roger G3LDI kindly stepped in to take over my Tuesday class this week, so just a report for the Thursday session on GB3NB.
( I had Phil G4LPP and Tony G0OOR in the Tuesday session and again I was kind to them! Roger G3LDI )

Two very keen attendees this week, and the speeds and accuracy continuing to rise. I was joined by Phil G4LPP, and Tony G0OOR. We ran through some plain language to start with, at 23wpm. Then there was a session of CQ calls, callsigns, and contest exchanges. Ideal to get tuned up for the Club Championship CW contest this evening. Speeds varied from 24-26wpm, with very few UBN's, so we are all ready to go tonight.

We finished off with a fast numbers sequence, with a maximum speed of 28WPM.

Don't let the speeds put you off though, the speeds will be adjusted as required so that anyone joining in the class will get some useful practice.

Class times for Morse with Anubis are

Tuesday 10am - 11am 145.250 mhz FM simplex
Thursday 10am - 11am GB3NB repeater

73 de Chris G4CCX



Morse with Doctor Phil.

Report from GB2CW beginners class, Friday evenings at 8pm on 145.250MHz.

Hello again from The GB2CW Friday beginners class, this time week 17.


This time we had 3 keen learners who are all doing well David 2e0dbs, David g0elj and Martin 2e0msy. Martin has been working hard towards his full license exam so the very best wishes to him for that.

We ran at a speed around 14wpm characters and 7wpm word speed plus or minus with good results.

We covered numbers, punctuation, contest exchanges, short comic sentences, Kentish towns and groups of b,d and 6 and e,I,s,h and 5.

Results were good and I hope to see everyone again next week plus any new beginners who would like to call in. A varied feast can be arranged!

The beginners class runs on a Friday evening on 145.250MHz at 8pm immediately followed on the same frequency by the contest net.


73 from G4LPP / GB2CW

Phil's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Email him if you wish to join in.
By the way, Phil is a GOOD cop, so you will be treated kindly!

Report from the Executive Club, Malcolm G3PDH - Thursdays GB3NB 2000 local time.

Malcolm had a break this week for the RSGB CC CW contest!


.cw ops logo

The CWOPS CWT activity periods are still as popular as ever.
There will be several medallions heading this way in the spring, of varying colour, several gold, silver and at least one bronze.
If you aspire to join CW OPS, prove your worth with a few >20wpm QSOs, chatty ones, and you can get in! It is a lot of fun operating in the CWTs, and terrific practice too.
The link below is to FAV22. THis is a military station on 3881.00kHz and runs at varying speeds with groups of letters, numbers, punctuation and procedural signals. It is on 24/7 so take a look It is well worth the practice.
Another freq to check is 6.825MHz.
If you look up this link in Google Chrome, it will translate into English for you.
The idea from Ray G3XLG for a table of results from using RUFZxp has hadvery little support ( including Ray! ) so I shall forget that idea.

Email me with input, queries, keys, paddles, classes and so on. Hopefully I can help or know a man that can!
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.





Hi if you need to purchase from the shop or post on the forum you will need to login to the website. If you do not have a login please register with us.Click one of the buttons below to start the process.
Your login will normally be your callsign.


Coming Soon



NARC are afflitated to the RSGB
Regional and National Winners of Club of the Year 

Lottery Funded

Lottery funding enabled NARC to purchase direction finding equipment for training, competitions and as a fun family introduction to amateur radio

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Exam Sec

NARC Training 2020

Amateur Radio Training with NARC

Training is very important to NARC because we realise this is how new people come into the hobby and attain their Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Amateur Radio licenses.
We are pleased to offer courses which are based on demand and our programme of other events and activities. To register your interest for a course and exam please email your name and contact details, together with which level of training course you are waiting for,  to the Club Exam Secretary David Palmer G7URP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club meetings


During the current Covid-19 pandemic when the club cannot physically meet, the club now broadcasts its own magazine show NARC Live! every Wednesday with news, features and guests.
It is streamed online live from 19.30 BST at the following places:

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The club meets virtually every Wednesday throughout the year in the sixth form centre of the City of Norwich School, Eaton Road, Norwich, NR4 6PP from 1900-2130.

We welcome anyone of any age, gender or ability and who enjoys experimenting with radio and electronics to come and meet us and see what we do in our hobby.

Please see above ONLINE tab for details of the club programme and below this piece for contacts of club official.

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