The mottley Last of the Summer Wine Fox crew (Bob, Paul, Roy, Ken & new boy Roy) hid themselves at the Salhouse Lodge on Wednesday night and in a rare event all 7 teams found them by direction finding by the 9.30 pm deadline. Shortest possible distance was around 6 miles so James, Lyn, James, Kevin and Sonny did very well to get there in 6.4 miles with Colin and Tammy coming close behind at 7.0 miles and next Nev and Ben coming in at 8.1 miles, with just a little bit further than them newcomers Mark and Mui (who are newly licensed and only bought their DF kit at RadioActive!) took 8.2 miles (or 13.2 km as their amazing vehicle displayed).

All of the teams did very well and it served as an excellent rehearsal for the Trophy Foxhunt on 18th July!

One unexpected event was that by unfortunate coincidence 6th June was the date which most Freeview TV channels changed frequency and strangers walking about pointing antenna all over a field brought understandable concern and intrigue to some people!  I had to passify one local resident who came out to see us with his small dog as he was absolutely convinced that we must have something to do with the fact his TV no longer worked and that his wife was giving him grief about! I reassured him that all he had to do was retune all his channels....

Thanks to the Wily Foxes and all 7 teams for taking part from the new start place of Thorpe recreation ground which proved to be a good high place with few obstructions of buildings or people around so we will probably use that again. Some photos below.


But why no club meeting at CNS?

I have been asked indirectly why we do not have an informal meeting at the school when the foxhunt is on, and that is a completely reasonable question. Before we had the cost of room hire on a Foxhunt night we used to still have an informal, but there were usually only 5 or 6 people, maximum 10, and they used to disband after an hour or so - I know because I used to come back into the school after seeing off the foxhunters. Now we have to pay significant room hire to the school it would not seem a good use of club funds to pay for the large room hire and an urn for so few people. However we would be more than happy to hire the school if there is a reasonable number of people, say 20+, who would like to attend and do construction, morse practice or just socialise. We are only trying to make best use of the clubs funds.

On suggestion I was given is that the foxes and foxhunters usually retire to a pub after the hunt, so non foxhunters could come to the start and get the details of where they will meet from me after the foxhunters have left.....? 

The Trophy foxhunt is on 18th July, so if you would like to attend a social informal that evening please drop me an email or talk to me at the club and if we get a viable number we will book the room and an urn. 

73, David G7URP

PS, Another suggestion is that its great fun, so why not give it a go?!






NARC Training 2019

Training is very important to us as we realise that is how new people can come into the hobby and attain their Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Amateur Radio licenses.

The Syllabus and Exams for all levels is changing significantly from August 2019 and so like many other clubs we need to take a break from running courses from August to give us time to research, prepare and plan courses based on all three levels for 2020. However we will be running three courses before August; A Foundation course in April, an Intermediate course from March - May and another Foundation course in June - July. So if you would like to take either of these exams with NARC in 2019 you need to book your place as soon as possible by emailing Exam Secretary David G7URP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.