Thanks to everyone who supported, helped with and attended Radio Active and National Field Day last weekend. Despite an incredible downpour on Saturday tea time I think everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

Some highlights:


Radio Active Super Raffle!

Thanks to generous prize givers and raffle ticket buyers we managed to raise £440 which has now been sent to Cancer Research and Big C!

Special thanks again to our principle supporters:

• BHI Speakers

• Gaugemaster Models

• Icom UK

• JPR Electronics

• Martin Lynch & Sons

• Train-Tech

• NARC members who added raffle prizes to the table over the weekend - thank you!



There were workshops for PCB etching, power supply building, Smart homes, Antenna analysis and Digital Radio and all were well attended and popular.

Its always dangerous to mention names in case people are left out but I must thank Nick M0HGU, James G7PQF, Kevin M0UJD, Steve G4GHO and Mark G0LGJ for their huge commitment and work for these workshops.

If you bought a Power supply kit but were not able to attend an etching session we did etch some extra boards for these kits so please ask me for one of these when you next see me at the club. 


Kits and bits - Last orders!

Everything people ordered for the event arrived in time to give out and I have also had a couple of orders given to me at the event, so this is last orders for anyone who didnt get around to ordering before the event, I can still supply many of the items if ordered by Wednesday 13th June, including several £2 metal detector kits, £5 AM/FM radio kits and a couple of £4 weather stations I have left over. If you want something just ask and I will try and supply otherwise I will keep them for next year.


Radio Active next year?

Should we do another Radio Active next year? Currently I have an open mind as there were not many new fresh ideas which came forward for this years event, with the exception of Nicks offer to show PCB making. So if you would like this event to run next year, please start thinking of things you would like to see in it or even better do as Nick did and offer to share a skill or idea.



I close by thanking my XYL Tammy M3PLU, a wonderful lady who supports me in everything I do and not least Radio Active.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend, thank you. 73, David G7URP