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Some More ol' squit and Contest Noooze from the Filby Amateur Radio Transmitter Society.
RSGB 50MHz AFS Contest:
Held on Sunday 20th October.
7 weeks now and we haven't seen any results published?
144MHz UK Activity Contest (03/12/19):
Excellent to see so many club members taking part in this last 2m UKAC of the year.
5 logs have been uploaded for NARC thanks to the efforts of G3LDI, G4CCX, G4DYC, G4LPP and G8VPE.
I don't know where all our other VHF contesters were in the 2m UKACs this year. We had no 2m UKAC contributions from G0CBO, G8OO, M0NKR or G3YLA plus others during 2019.
Mark the first Tuesday in every month down in your 2020 diaries as a 2m UKAC and make sure we see a few more logs each month in 2020.
144MHz UKACs start again on the first Tuesday of January (07/01/2020).
Tuesday 12th Nov 432MHz (70cm) UKAC:
Only two club members entered this contest, Phil G4LPP scored 6 QSOs and G8VPE made just 2 Qs.
Results are posted, no UBNs were accrued and NARC have moved up to 38th from 46th position out of 55 clubs.
The next event is Tuesday 10th December at 2000utc, lets hope that a few other come on air and join the efforts of Phil and John to see if we can push NARC a bit further up the results tabulations for the year end.
Put those dual-band co-linear antennas to better use and try some 432MHz SSB or even CW!
Thursday 14th Nov 6m UKAC:
Results have recently been published for this contest and NARC have moved up to 20th position from 23rd out of 37 clubs and groups in this table.
Again, it was the same two lonely contesters actually trying to make a difference!
The last 50MHz UKAC of the year is on Thursday December 12th 2000-2230 Local time.
Most modern HF transceivers produced over the last 10 to 15 years have included 50MHz as standard, so why don't we hear more activity on 6m in the contests.
Future activity above 30MHz:
Sunday 8th Dec RSGB 2m AFS 1000 to 1600utc.
Rules at:

Tues 10th Dec 432MHz (70cm) UKAC.
Thurs 12th Dec 50MHz (6m) UKAC.
Thurs 19th Dec 70MHz (4m) UKAC.
The UKACs are still on-going during December and begin again on Tuesday January 7th 2020.
The usual 4 mini VHF Cumulative Contests begin on Boxing Day 26th December for four consecutive afternoons,
your choice of 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm or even all of them. These are kindly arranged each year for those who need to get into the shack for a couple of hours away from the family and the turkey.

Don't miss the SARTG NEW YEAR RTTY 80/40m contest on 1st January 2020, 0800 to 1100utc, exchange New Year greetings in each country's national language.
HF will kick-off again in January 2020 with the three RSGB 80m-40m AFS Contests:
Saturday 4th January 2020 with CW AFS 1300-1700utc.
Sunday 12th January 2020 with DATA AFS 1300-1700utc.
Saturday 18th January 2020 with SSB AFS 1300-1700utc.
Wednesday 20th November 2019 was the Autumn Series SSB on 80m.

8 logs submitted by NARC members with some good scores but not quite enough to do damage to our rivals.

Final SSB scores are:

NARC 2651 points against 3478 from De Montfort University ARS.(also with 8 logs).



Thursday 28th November 2019, the CW contest marking the end of this year's Autumn Series.

Results were published in double quick time for the last CW event of 2019.

NARC managed 5214 points whilst DeMontfort University ARS scored 6816 points.

That means that for the third year in succession DeMontfort University ARS have won the RSGB Autumn Series.

For the second consecutive year NARC have held on to second place, albeit 10810 points behind DeMontfort University ARS.

Verulam ARC were placed third but quite away behind on points.

Results for the NARC contestants show that for this Autumn series the top scorer in our club is Lorna 2E0YAO, winning one of the DATA events with 1000 points and only missing one of the SSB events. For several sessions Lorna was also mentioned in dispatches as the leading Intermediate Licence Holder. Roll on next year's 80m CCs, Lorna is still ready to battle it out with the rest of 'em.

Second place within the club goes to Roger G3LDI and third to Phil G4LPP, G8VPE trails in 4th place.

21 different callsigns appeared for NARC which includes a partial entry by G4ARN, the club call, activated by Sonny M0SYW during one of the club evenings.



9th Nov RSGB Club Calls (1.8MHz AFS) on 160m.

The published results show Norfolk ARC 'A' team in 6th position in the Local Section.

Well done to all 5 who contributed logs.



CQ WW DX CW contest, 23/24th November the 48 hour marathon of CW.
Worldwide this is probably the biggest contest of the HF calendar.
I've counted eight members of NARC who have uploaded logs for this contest.
Jim G3YLA really went to town with his new hex-beam and worked QRP Unassisted with just 5Watts.
He ended with a marvellous total of 408 QSOs giving an initial total of 103,734 points.
My scores were less impressive with 118 QSOs and 27,531 points. I spent a lot of time on Top Band, it was slow at times but yielded 52 QSOs in 36 DXCC entities, best DX was probably VY2ZM on Prince Edward Is - a very well known call on 160m. Lots of 160m activity from NW Africa including Morocco, Western Sahara, Madeira and Canary Is. and in the other direction to Faroe Is, Sweden, Norway, Finland with Bulgaria and European Russia in the East.
I found 15m very active from late Saturday morning, worked Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Islands with Mauritius and Reunion in the opposite direction all on 21MHz.
NARC members noted with log entries: G3YLA, G3WRJ, G0OOR, G4LPP, M0PTO, G8VPE, G8OO M0RYB AND G4OZG.
Raw results are available on the CQWW website.
Noted so far in the QRP Unassisted section is our Jim G3YLA who was 31st in the world in his class with 102,904 points.
Jim also claimed the 1st place in England for QRP All Bands Single Operator.

Still plenty of VHF/UHF activity left during December even if RSGB takes a breather in HF contests in December.


73 for now and Bah Humbug from John G8VPE.



Classes are going well, all except the beginner's class. Still short of new students, but it's their loss! CW is definitely not dying. You only had to witness the QRM last weekend in the CQWW to realise that!

There may be a few breaks in classes between now and the New Year. Obviously family matters take over at this time of year and interruptions are inevitable. However, don't look negatively at this. Just regard it as an extra hour that you can do more practice!


Headcopy Class is now on Monday mornings at 1000 local time. This week we had four attend, and there were several listening too. It is demanding, but we have a lot of fun with it, which is what it is all about. Join in and see, you will be very welcome.



Great to see the support that Paul M1AFQ is receiving at the Club with his Morse in the Computer Room practice sessions. Try it! It really is fun.
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.

Tonight our last meeting of the year and its our Christmas party!  Food has all been preordered from a catering fish and chips company for delivery at 7.30.

There is a welcome drink of wine or soft drink on arrival, then free tea, coffee or squash all night. (You are also welcome to bring your own favourite tipple if you wish).

Whilst the evening is free for all NARC members, we do ask if you can to bring a small wrapped gift which will form a Secret Santa style Raffle during the evening with all proceeds going to NARC's adopted charity for 2019, The Alzheimers Society.

If you feel like bringing some decorations to jolly the school up you are most welcome, along with christmas jumpers too!

Here is the timetable for the evening:

19.00 - 19.30  Arrival and welcome drink

19.30 - Food served

20.00 - SingalongaRog

20.30 - Entertainment including Charity Raffle

21.20 - Finale

21.45 - All hands on deck to pack up

22.00 - Everyone leave CNS (we have 30 minute extension)


73, David G7URP



This is the last meeting of the year at CNS, our next meeting is on Wednesday 8th January. 

The Clubs Christmas Dinner is Thursday week 19th December and although the official deadline has past, if you would like to go please complete the booking form and send with payment to me immediately - note that I must receive this on or by Monday 9th December Final deadline! If it is after then you will still be able to join us and we have a Private room, but you will need to order and pay for your food on the night

HF News

We had very settled geomagnetic conditions last week with the Kp index not rising above two and often sitting at zero.

The solar flux index sat at 70/71, reflecting zero sunspots and a blank Sun.

As we approach mid-Winter it is a good time to concentrate on the lower bands, with both 80 and 160 metres showing good DX potential throughout the night.

For shortwave listeners, medium wave also comes alive with the possibility of DX stations from the USA coming in during the early hours.

As a start, try listening for station WBBR in New York on 1130khz. This is usually one of the loudest transatlantic stations to be heard.

And don't forget to look out for DX on forty metres, especially around sunset and sunrise.

Next week should see more of the same with NOAA predicting a solar flux index of 70, zero sunspots, but a settled geomagnetic Kp index of two all week.

The critical frequency graphs at suggest that 20m will be the main daytime DX band next week, with occasional openings on 17 metres.

VHF and up

Next Saturday sees the peak of the biggest meteor shower of the year, the Geminids. The shower is already under way and is expected to reach peak activity at around 19:00 GMT on 14 December. With a peak Zenithal Hourly Rate of 120, it promises to produce some excellent meteor scatter QSOs.

Last week saw some good Tropo paths, but the high pressure declined mid-week. The forecast charts show no indication of a return of a high, so Tropo cannot be promised, other than a brief return of a ridge across southern areas at the end of the coming week.

The rest of the country will be predominantly driven by low pressure crossing northern areas from west to east and at times leaving us with a cold northwesterly down the North Sea. At this time of the year this means that strong convection bringing showers is likely as the cold air flows south across the relatively warm sea. These may be good for rain scatter, so plenty of opportunities for GHz bands operators.

Last week saw a few reports of Sporadic E, chiefly on digital modes, but also a few paths on the more traditional CW or SSB. This is a good reminder that there is no month with a zero chance of Es. In this case, conditions were probably enhanced by strong meteor activity. Meteors provide the ionisation as they burn up entering the upper atmosphere and this can combine with stronger jet streams in the winter months.

The Moon reaches maximum declination on Friday and path losses will fall all week. Combined with a generally low 144 MHz sky temperature, it’s a good week for EME.

Hi all it is coming to the year end and in January 2020 it will be time to renew your Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Membership.
There is no increase in membership fees. Rates are as per below.

Ordinary Member £25
Concession Member £20
Foundation 3 Months Free Associate £0
Associate £7
Junior £5
Family Inc Brightsparks £30
Joining part year after AGM Above prices £ / 12 x months left

Past members need not complete a new form.
New address or callsign ? form available click the PDF icon pdf

Payment can be made online using your callsign as a Reference Sort 402008 Acc 31432222
Cheques payable to Norfolk Amateur Radio Club or NARC

Regards Mark G0LGJ