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NARC Live! Wednesday 8th July - Animal Watch

This Wednesday we have a NARC Live special evening on wildlife, pets and technology and this will feature your pictures, videos and stories captured over the past few months (or of course from any other time) when most of us have spent more time at home and taking local excercise etc.

Its NARCs own Animal Watch!

The snapshot of your pet doing something you hadn't noticed them do before, that scavenging fox in your back garden, the bats detected with your bat receiver kit, the hedgehogs caught on your wildlife camera or the deer filmed on your home security cctv - please share...

When you find something please email it together with details of the Tech you used to capture it to Tammy and David preferably by Tuesday evening so that we can start working on them, but the absolute latest 3pm Wednesday to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Most modern phones have great cameras but if you have a large video file please drop us an email and we will tell you how you can safely send it to us to share.

As well as Animal Watch we will feature regulars like your news and views - have you anything for us?

And find out Who's works from a shack like this......  A little clue, does this member have the luck of them......?!

NARC Live! is the weekly magazine show of Norfolk Amateur Radio Club live streamed on BATC and Facebook from 19.30 BST - everyone is welcome!

Join us for NARC Live! at 19.30 on Wednesdays at either of these places:


A deer CCTV Picture...



HF News

This week saw the beginning of a new month and continued Sporadic E openings. Traditionally we see a slow down in the number of Es openings in July, but while we are seeing a few periods on 10m when there are no openings, they inevitably reappear.

An HF opening to Angola occurred on Wednesday, allowing amateurs to bag Gabriel D2EB on both 17 and 12 metres CW. Paul G0KPH also spotted Gabriel on 40 CW metres in the evening.

As we said a couple of weeks ago, the HF bands are staying open later which is a summer phenomenon. Darren G0TSM has found 17m FT8 to be open to Japan, the West Coast of the USA, Alaska and Hawaii until around 0200Z.

Mike G4FHQ said 80m has been good overnight too, after he heard a string of W2s and VE3s working the Canada Day contest at 0330Z at 57/8 SSB.

The Sun, however, remained very quiet with zero sunspots (we are beginning to sound like a stuck record!). The Kp index ranged from zero to three thanks to a high-speed solar wind stream.

Next week NOAA predicts a solar flux index of 68 and a Kp index of two to three. There are no sunspots predicted, just a few bright spots on the STEREO Ahead spacecraft’s extreme ultraviolet view, which may or may not develop into spots.

Mid-latitude coronal hole activity has declined recently and it does look like we are now truly at sunspot minimum.

VHF and up

There is a change in the weather coming along and Sunday should see a ridge of high pressure building across the south of the country, bringing Tropo back into the options.

This could be particularly good for paths to the south across the Channel and Biscay as well as across the southern North Sea. This ridge gets a bit of knock-back after mid-week as a small low tracks across the north of the country. In some models this is also followed by a further weak ridge for the next weekend, so Tropo will continue to feature.

The sporadic E season is less prolific in July, but it’s still a key month for the mode. The weather is always busy generating atmospheric gravity waves which can propagate upwards to affect the E region and trigger Es, so hopefully some parts of the country may find the geometry is right for some VHF DX paths via sporadic E.

These high summer weeks are often good for ultra Es Dx paths (mostly on FT8) to the Far East in the early morning, so it's well worth checking the clusters from 0600-0800Z.

With low Moon declination and no major meteor showers this week, it’s a good week to increase your square count via the satellites. Both QO100 and the LEOs are always there to work the DX if the bands are flat.

Finally, a thought. While we’re definitely not advocating “don’t call CQ,” you’ll increase your chances of making non-contest QSOs hugely, especially on the GHz Bands, if you announce your planned activity in advance.

Use email reflectors, social media and the ON4KST microwave chat to let people know when you’re QRV.


Jim's classes have completed, but he is continuing with revision. That is very encouraging!
Good to see several keeping up with him too.

25wpm Beginners CW revision 30Jun20



The revision sessions continue to attract a small core of CW improvers who are becoming quite at home with 25wpm CW. This week on GB3NB at 8pm we covered the final set of abbreviations. It is all good progress and there were some very competent performances.

Next week it will be bigger sections of QSOs, so that over the next week or two we will build up a good working knowledge of typical QSO sequences so that you can venture forth onto the bands without worrying about what the other op might send to you.

Continuous listening on the bands is the single best way of moving your skill set forwards so, as I always suggest, please give it a go. Monitor any CW QSO and see if you can hear any phases from the classes; don’t write anything down, just listen and head copy.

Until next week

73 de Jim

The CWOPS CWT activity periods are very well attended now, even on the early morning ones, three of us at least turn up.
40m was alive and kicking this week. CW nsignals from the USA were 599 mostly and it was the bread and butter band. Only 3 stations on 80m with no response at all to several CQs on 160m.

With lockdown, it is a super time to learn CW, but it does need the Big P word!!
It will soon be time for the CW OPS Open, held on the first Saturday in September. This is a serious contest, with three four-hour periods. It is great fun however, and four hours is not too long, especially in Lockdown!! Take a look on the CW OPS web site.

"My Favourite Keys"
I would appreciate pictures of your key or keys together with a head shot so I can compile them for a page on the CLub's web site. Emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I am featuring them here first, so please send them along, together with a mug shot. I AM RUNNING SHORT!!!

This week it is Malcolm, G3PDH who features. Malcolm owns a CHevron too, one of the Rolls Royce of paddles. The paddle attached to Malcolm's KX3 is the Palm paddle. Coupled with the KX3 it makes a very nice /P combo. His straight key is a Vibroplex, but Malcolm is thinking of buying a Begali straight key. I don't think he uses the semi-automatic bug!! There are still "bug" days, run by FOC but not too many people have this type of key these days. You can always tell when a bug is being used!


g3pdh mug

g3pdh key 1


g3pdh key 2

.g3pdh key 3


g3pdh key 4
I could use some more pictures to feature here please. It does not matter if you are not overly active, but just shows what key(s) you use. Don't forget the mug shot too!


Lockdown Morse is going really well with over 1000 people watching Matt.
Well done Matt! Way to go! About time you did some of the CC contests for the club!

CW Academy is another source of instruction. It's on line and is run by the CW OPS Club. Details can be found here:
Headcopy Class is also going well.
There may be a few times when Headcopy Class has a break for the summer, as other work calls at G3LDI. However, if someone else wants to run it please let me know.
So, join us at 1000 on Monday mornings and have some fun. GOTA is the accronym to apply here, Get On The Air and make more Qs.
The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne (Chaucer)

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.




Contest Nooze from a village East of Norwich.
(Week 27)



80m Club Championship:

The 80mCC SSB contest took place Thursday evening (25/06/20) and full results have recently been published.

No big surprises in the results, positions remain the same with NARC Nelson in 2nd place and NARC Boudica in 3rd place.

Boudica's score was assisted by the fact that 7 of their 10 logs showed the bonus station G6XX, whereas only four participants in Nelson worked G6XX. Boudica was further aided by a lower number of lost QSOs (UBNs and penalties),

23 losses in contrast to Nelson with 43 losses. However, Nelson still managed to increase their lead over Boudica by a further 845 points by making more QSOs. Nelson is now ahead of Boudica by 11,389 points.

Any threat from Bristol CG now seems to be unlikely since they are trailing Boudica by 12,632 points and only three more contests left.

De Montfort University ARS are topping the table with 99,335 points overall, but the combined scores of Nelson and Boudica stand at 133,321 points, so NARC would still have been a long way ahead had they not divided their efforts into two successful teams.
The last 80m CC CW session of 2020 is on Monday 6th July at 1900utc
Coming to your 80m shack soon, for the final sessions:
80m CC CW - Monday 6th July.
80m CC SSB - Wednesday 15th July.
80m CC DATA - Thursday 23rd July. (Final CC event in 2020).
RSGB FT4 Contests:
Monday 27th July is the next RSGB FT4 contest.
Monday 28th September FT4.
Monday 19th October FT4.
Monday 16th November FT4 (Last one).
IMPORTANT announcement from the RSGB Contest Committees in the CC News dated 28th June 2020:
Single Operator Portable operation now appears viable in England, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands / Isle of Man, but both Wales and Scotland currently retain 5 mile movement restrictions which make portable operation impractical for most entrants. However, we expect these restrictions in Scotland and Wales to both have been lifted by 6th July, and so we are preparing to allow Single Operator Portable entries to our contests again from Tuesday 7th July – in time for 2m UKAC and FMAC contests and the HF Low Power contest (19th July).
All activities must be properly socially distanced with all station activity, including station assembly being carried out by the operator, or only with support from people who are living at the same house. We are not opening up ‘normal’ multi-operator contesting as in section ‘O’ entries at this time. Also, any local COVID-19 restrictions, such as any limitation on access to particular public locations must be strictly observed.
The Governments’ changes have not been made in time for ‘VHF NFD weekend’, and so ‘Lockdown VHF NFD’ will go ahead as a fixed station contest, and the 3rd Backpackers will also not run that weekend.
RSGB Low Power Field Day. (single op. only)
Sunday 19th July on 20m, 40m and 80m from 0900utc to 1600utc, with a 1 hour break from 1200utc to 1300utc.
Rules on the HF Contest Calendar indicate that this contest will go ahead but only single operator entries will be accepted.
Power limits have changed for this year with the 3W limit section now increased to 5W maximum, the 10W limit remains for QRO.
Check the rules at:



contest art 1
RSGB IOTA Contest.
Saturday and Sunday 25th & 26th July will be held in a slightly different format this year.
Modified Rules at:
It will be exclusively for Single Operators using their home stations.
Single Operator Fixed “Island” or “World” Stations are eligible to enter, but there will be no DX-peditions to remote islands.
RSGB HF Contests traditionally take a break for the whole of the month of August, but VHF events continue.
There are still other HF contests during August, organised by other national societies.
For details visit the website below for the Contest Calendar by Bruce WA7BNM.
RSGB HF SSB Field Day.
At the moment contests are Single Operator Only, including the SSB HF Field Day on Saturday & Sunday, 5th & 6th September. See above for Single Op. Portable operation.
SSB FD Rules at:
RSGB 144MHz Trophy Contest.
The VHF event usually held on the same weekend is the RSGB 144MHz Trophy contest 5th & 6th September.
Again caution and safety is of paramount importance and the VHF rules state "Single operator entries only" in all sections.
There is the possibility of Single Op. Portable operation, see Contest Committee News above.
Rules at:
RSGB 50 MHz Trophy Contest.
This took place 20th & 21st June, the few NARC members operating on 6m were rewarded with some occasional Sporadic E propagation. Awaiting results.
RSGB 50MHz CW Contest.
This took place on Sunday 28th June, CW only on 6m. A few NARC members were active in the poor conditions.
Awaiting results.
VHF UK Activity Contests.
All at 2000 to 2230 Local time.
Tuesday 7th July is the 144MHz UKAC.
Thursday 9th July is the 50MHz UKAC.
Tuesday 14th July is the 432MHz UKAC.
Thursday 16th July is the 70MHz UKAC.
Tuesday 21st July is the 1.3GHz UKAC.
VHF Calendar and Rules at:
Please also read the General rules for VHF & higher contests:
RSGB Lockdown VHF Field Day Contest. (This weekend !)
This will take place with a difference on the weekend of 4th and 5th July from 1400utc Saturday to 1400utc Sunday.
This year it will be a single operator fixed station only contest, no portable operation.
Each of the bands will have a 2 hour allocation, except 144MHz which will be 3 hours duration.
50MHz 1400 to 1600utc Saturday.
70MHz 1700 to 1900utc Saturday.
1.3GHz 0500 to 0700utc Sunday.
432MHz 0800 to 1000utc Sunday.
144MHz 1100 to 1400utc Sunday.
Special Lockdown rules at:
The 3rd 144MHz Backpackers Contest will not take place this year.
The Contest Net runs every Friday evening at 2000utc on 145.250MHz for anyone needing help and advice or on-air testing. If no direct assistance is needed then a short contest related discussion normally takes place before Ovaltine and bedtime.
Keep vigilant, keep your distance, remain safe and well.
73 John G8VPE

Each week we show you the shack of a NARC member and ask you to guess whose shack it is.

So look below and see if you can work out "Who works from a shack like this....."

Just a little clue to help you along... does this member have the 'Luck of them...'?!

If you think you know whose shack it is please email David & Tammy with your guess to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - the deadline for answers is 3pm on Wednesday and be sure to watch NARC Live on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm to find out who's it is!


P9013668 (1)ZZX.jpg 




Last weeks shack belonged to Nev M0NFY, but for once nobody guessed it correctly and so Tammy and David won a point!


 Shack 27.6.jpg