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NARC was very well represented in the SSB test with 22 logs, reaffirming our lead! We had three PBs: Mike G4KQY made 107, very nice score! Stuart M0JKB logged 56 and Mark M0UMG uploaded 44. Congratulations to those and many thanks to all who took part! Next inline is the Data session, which is next Wednesday evenng, so make sure you check over your PSK and RTTY before then.
Our Far East correspondent supplied the following:
It looks like we've claimed back some of the losses from the previous SSB, when the AGM reduced our entries.

RAW numbers:
NARC 8650 points from 22 logs
De Montfort 5880 from 11 logs

Doesn't take into account the bonus points from stations who contacted G6XX and of course the UBN penalties.

Still no results for the last DATA CC ! Almost three weeks now.
This weekend it's the popular King of Spain CW contest 18/19 May 2019 1200utc to 1159utc.
10m - 160m CW (not WARC bands)
For rules see URE website or use the link below:

Also 18/19th May is the RSGB 144MHz MAY contest 1400utc to 1400utc

73 John G8VPE

Nothing else to report!
The contest net is on Friday evenings, 145.250Mhz at 2000. If you require help please call in.
NEWS AND COMMENTS PLEASE TO ME: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
That's it for this time. 73 de Roger, G3LDI

This week is an informal as well as the Electron Group which see's Steve G4GHO give a informal demonstration of circuit simulation.
Doors open as usual 19:00

See you Wed Mark G0LGJ



Both Jim G3YLA and Roger G3LDI have said that if we are in the shack and not doing anything, we might give an ad hoc class at the usual times, so please keep a watch for us. We have been doing this and have had normal classes for the last few weeks. I cannot do as much outside as I used to, so the classes may stay!
It's nearly NFD/Radio Active, so hopefully some of you will attend, and also take part on the training station, or take a spell on the 6m station as well. Remember it IS a CLUB event, so come over and take part, setting up as well as tearing down the stations afterwards.

begali HST

Sir stiffikets.
Those who passed the Proficiency test at the bootcamp, please let me know when you will be at the club next and I will ask Steve G0KYA to do the honours with a picture. Please bring your certificate with you!


Great to see the support that Paul M1AFQ is receiving at the Club with his Morse in the Computer Room practice sessions. Try it! It really is fun.
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.

HF News

Last week saw the Kp index rise to seven on Tuesday thanks to an enhanced solar wind stream containing a sharply south-pointing Bz. This is the direction of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field and south-pointing means it was more likely to couple with the Earth’s magnetic field.

This was due to a number of filament eruptions in the vicinity of sunspot region 2741.

While not entirely unexpected, the Kp index rise to seven was quite severe and resulted in auroral conditions on HF. A number of B-class solar flares on Wednesday didn’t help much either. The FoF2 plot at looked a bit like a roller coaster as the predicted MUF over a 3,000km path went rapidly from nearly 20MHz to 16MHz.

Luckily, things were more settled on Thursday with a Kp index of two, although HF conditions remained flat.

Sunspot group 2741 is now rotating off the Sun’s disk, with NOAA predicting the solar flux index will go back down to around 68 next week, due to an absence of spots. As a result the K index is predicted to be around 2-3 as the risk of coronal mass ejections declines.

Phil GU0SUP, the RSGB newsreader for Guernsey, reports that FT8 has been quite active. On the morning of Friday the 10th he heard lots of W's on 30 metres, including a W7 in Idaho.

Moving to 20m he then saw K2GT calling CQ and found out he was in Hawaii. Phil says he was very surprised at just how loud he was.

He adds that he usually expect to work KH6 later in the day, although he has worked Hawaii in the mornings before, but when the SFI was much higher.

VHF and up

The weak high pressure nearby may reassert itself as a shallow area of low pressure over France drifts away. This does not look anything like as strong as the exceptional high of 1042mb of last week. Therefore some weak Tropo is always possible, especially along the east coast.

Sporadic E has been doing fairly well with a comprehensive selection of jet streams to offer potential triggers for Es at first, but the coming week looks much thinner with the main jet stream activity displaced south over the Mediterranean. This may put Es patches too far south, although it should be productive across the Mediterranean region. Best prospects from the UK look to be south into Spain and Portugal.

As we head down to minimum Moon declination on Wednesday and are just a weak away from apogee, Moon windows are short and losses high. It’s a good time put aside QSO attempts and to check out EME system performance using Sun to cold sky measurements as the sun is nice and high in the sky at noon now.

There is no significant meteor shower activity this week so in between the Es, keep looking for the early morning random meteor peak on the lower VHF bands.

Make a note in your diaries. Come to the rally by the sea and see Britain’s fastest lifeboat.

Free entry, also free entry to the Caister Lifeboat Heritage centre just a few yards away.

Indoor tables £10 per table! outside pitches £5 per table (booking advisable)

Refreshments available onsite, plus raffle with GREAT prizes.
Easy parking and disabled access.

All proceeds to Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service!

Doors open 9:30am till 2:00pm (8:00 for sellers to set up). Talk in on 2m S22.

Note from Zane, M1BFI: “A big thank you to all who attended the 2018 rally, it was a great day. Also to all the companies that donated raffle prizes - Icom, ECS, ML&S, RCQ Communications, Yaesu UK, Kenwood UK, W&S, Moonraker. In total the day raised £1,070 for the Caister Lifeboat.

To be held at:

Caister Lifeboat Station, Tan Lane, Caister on Sea, Norfolk, NR30 5DJ
(Access to car park via Beach Rd)
Contact Zane, M1BFI. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 07711 214790