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I am indebted to Paul G3VPT who has advise that Lidl currently has a great offer on a heatshrink tubing kit for just £1.99 - I think it would be fair to say the storgage box would cost this in many emporiums!

Rush along and get yours soon as its likely to be a one off offer - Paul bought this in Lidl Aylsham Road. Always let us know about things like this and we will be happy to pass them on.

73, David G7URP


We are sorry to bring you news of the passing of Bill Holmes G4TWT in the early hours of Thursday morning. Bill was a well known amateur and particularly active in Raynet over many years.

We will bring you other details and news of his funeral expected to be late May as soon as we can. Meantime our thoughts are with his family and friends.

73, David G7URP

G0DWVGB0CMS at Caister Lifeboat made 116 contacts in 26 countries yesterday as part of International Marconi Day.

These included Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Sardinia, Sweden and the USA. The furthest distances worked were to Asiatic Russia, New York and Dallas, Texas.

To put that in perspective, this was the ninth time we’ve run the station and in 2012 we contacted 480 other radio amateurs in 40 different countries, but that was when the Solar Flux Index was 149 not 71!

Notable contacts were made with other IMD stations in Italy, Ireland, Weston-Super-Mare and Poldhu, Cornwall - home of the Marconi Centre from where the inventor made the first transatlantic transmission in 1901.

Eighteen European contacts were also made with FT8 for the first time, running just 20W on 20m in a demonstration of how the mode works.

Conditions were lousy, as predicted, due to a large geomagnetic storm the day before. The ionosphere was very disturbed and did not have time to recover.

Caister Lifeboat was donated a 500-channel GRE scanner that will be sold at their rally later in the year, unless someone else makes a good offer before then. Organiser Zane’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, operating and helping to set-up, operate and tear-down.

Regards, Steve G0KYA


As announced at the club, we are sorry to bring you details of the passing of Dave G3PEN.

Dave had been a member of NARC for several years, though through ill health has not been able to attend very often in recent months. He as very keen on electronics and could often be seen at Barford and our table top sales buying and selling a wide range of components and equipment.

We sent a club-signed card to Daves XYL Pat (G6TAF) and she has sent me details of the funeral which follow below and I hope fellow amateur friends and members will be able to attend - sadly I cannot attend because of a prior work commitment in Bristol that day.

Daves funeral is at 1530 on Thursday 3rd May at St Faiths Crematorium, NR10 3LF.

Our thoughts are with Pat and her family.

David G7URP


The NARC Contest Net is still on Friday evenings 145.250MHz at 2000 local time. Any questions, problems, comments or offers of money, just call in! You will be most welcome! This net will also be taking a break over the summer. We will finish at the end of April and resume again in late September.
I have joined the club set up originally by Malcolm G3PDH who logged G3WUG. Well, errrrrr, ummm, I just so happened to have done the same thing in the last SSB test. I know, I know, we preach to everybody to check their logs. I though I had done so, but obviously not closely enough...... Sorry Kimbo......t
The next CC is almost upon us, Data this time. Must go and lengthen my antenna.....
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That's it for this time. 73 de Roger, G3LDI