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Hope QSO Party – Starting 6 April

We have recently conducted a survey among UK radio amateurs, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to see who would like to participate in a series of short QSO party style weekday contests. The response has been that we have a mandate to proceed on a temporary basis to help and support radio amateurs who are isolated at home and would appreciate contact with other people.

We have put the rules and infrastructure in place so that we can start an initial six week series on Monday 6 April. This contest series is open to all entrants and not restricted to RSGB members. We are also encouraging international participation with the scoring being on an “Anyone works Anyone” basis.



There has already been significant interest shown in this from DARC (Germany) and other EU national societies.  See the DARC Main Page.

and also the main Ukrainian Contest Portal 3rd info from above.

The likelihood is that it will be easiest to make UK QSO on 80m and on 40m and above there frequency allocations will busy with EU stations.

73 Nick G4FAL

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