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Ofcom has revealed that thousands of radio amateurs have not renewed their 'free' license for life...  Some of these will be 'silent-key' amateurs no longer with us, but many are known to be amateurs who signed up to the new license for life and yet have not renewed their license either online (free) or by post to Ofcom within 5 years of signing up to it.

We have reminded members about this before but now really is time to act and check - to be honest I was reminded by a fellow chairman from another club today and when I logged in found that I only had 8 months to run yet I was sure I renewed only a year or two ago..... thats how time flies.

So why not make it your first new years resolution to check - it really is as easy as signing into Ofcom, checking your license details like address etc are the same and then just a 1 button click on Validate License. Surely it a fair price to pay for 5 more years free license and peace of mind - and you can renew anytime over that 5 years for the next 5 years...

If you do let it expire I understand you will have to re apply with a full postal application and pay £20 - plus of course you could either be off the air or transmitting illegally.

Check and do it now and ensure you have a worry-free Happy New Year!


David G7URP