We welcome new members of any age, gender and ability, from complete beginners to licensed amateurs.

You are welcome to come and meet us, with no obligation to join, at one of our regular Wednesday meetings at City of Norwich School in Eaton Norwich.

To join please download and print the Membership form below and give the completed form to the Membership Secretary at the club or post to the following address

Mark Taylor G0LGJ
c/o NARC
6 Welden Road

NR19 2UB

If you are a current paid up member you do not need to complete the form again but just pay your annual subscription at the club or online - see below.

Membership runs from Jan - Dec each year and includes 50 Wednesday meetings plus many other weekend activities, training courses, equipment loans etc.
Existing members if you want you can use the online shop to pay your membership remembering to login first.

If you pay via bank transfer please inform the Membership Secretary via email and give the reference you used in your online transaction as banks do not always pass on references.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018 Membership rates

Full membership £25
Concessionary membership £20
Family membership  £30
Foundation 3 months free £0 (following foundation course taken at NARC)

Concessionary Family membership  £22
Junior (under 16 and not joining as a family member) £5
Associate member residing in uk £7
All due at the first meeting of the year

Conditions that qualify a member for concessionary membership can be found in the constitution or shown on the form

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Download and print Membership Form 2018

2E0BDB    Tony
2E0BNI    George
2E0DJR    Julian
2E0EKU    John
2E0GEO    Nigel
2E0LTA    Andrew
2E0MAP    Matthew
2E0MYE    Dave
2E0NLK    Nigel
2E0NVT    Nick
2E0ODT    Belinda
2E0OEE    Jack
2E0POI    Lorna
2E0PPO    John
2E0RHT    Ralph
2E0TSZ    Susan
2E0TWQ    John
2E0WPZ    Dave
2E0XLL    Simon
2E0YAO    Lorna
2E0YRU    Karen
2E1GTE    Sarah
G0AAR    Rex
G0AKO    Roy
G0CBO    Rodney
G0CZR    Keith
G0DCA    Andrew
G0DFC    Les
G0DWV    Chris
G0FEI    Victor
G0FVG    Peter
G0GFQ    Keith
G0GGF    Chris
G0IMU    David
G0JAG    Richard
G0JIV    Francis
G0KHC    David
G0KYA    Steve
G0LGJ    Mark
G0MQG    Tony
G0MQI    Robert
G0MXN    John
G0ODR    Colin
G0OOR    Tony
G0PEQ    Peter
G0PFN    David
G0TZZ    Chris
G0VDO    Reg
G0VSB    Anthony
G0ZAA    Shirli
G1EGL    Robert
G1FPK    Ron
G1KTN    Richard
G3JNB    Victor
G3LDI    Roger
G3MPN    David
G3MXH    Terry
G3PDH    Malcolm
G3PEN    Dave
G3PND    Steve
G3SEM    Paul
G3VPT    Paul
G3VWQ    Peter
G3WRJ    Richard
G3XLG    Ray
G3XLL    John
G3YLA    Jim
G3YOA    Alec
G3ZIG    Roy
G3ZQU    Martin
G4BID    Bill
G4CCX    Chris
G4DYC    Mike
G4GHO    Steve
G4GVR    Roger
G4IJC    Jim
G4JQT    Ian
G4JUV    Neil
G4KLM    Peter
G4KQY    Mike
G4NRG    Roger
G4NRL    Keith
G4NZQ    Phillip
G4OZG    Ted
G4OZG    Oliver
G4PFZ    John
G4SGX    Iain
G4TUK    Robert
G4UYR    Ray
G4VLS    Paul
G4WTD    Colin
G4WUG    Kim
G4ZBA     Paul
G6AIO    Phillip
G6OUM    Bruce
G7JTZ    Robert
G7KBF    Stuart
G7ONM    Tim
G7PQF    James
G7SNC    Ivan
G7URP    David
G8AUN    Reg
G8EEY    Mike
G8OCV    Chris
G8OO    Alan
G8SDU    Robert
G8VPE    John
M/K2BBC    Simon
M0ABG    Andrew
M0CNM    Andy
M0DZB    Keith
M0EBN    Simon
M0GMK    Colin
M0HBL    Peter
M0HET    Stephen
M0HGR    Kenneth
M0HGU    Nick
M0HHW    William
M0HPJ    Jim
M0HUG    Sue
M0IWB    Ian
M0JKB    Stuart
M0KGH     Geoffrey
M0KJW    Ken
M0KRK     Donard
M0LDK    Simon
M0LJG    Laura
M0NFY    Neville
M0NKR    Andrew
M0NNE    David
M0OAS    Adam
M0OCL     Leanne
M0OLY    Oly
M0PEW    Paul
M0PUD    Alec
M0RYB    Peter
M0SHK    Kenneth
M0STI    David
M0SWO    Anthony
M0SYW    Sonny
M0TDK    Tony
M0TEO    Thomas
M0TFX    Tom
M0TRJ     Simon
M0TTN    Dodge
M0TVG    Michael
M0UJD    Kevin
M0UKS    James
M0VCP    Simon
M0VRA    Peter
M0WBR    Robert
M0WEL    David
M0WLR    Philip
M0WTG    Duncan
M0XTF     Tony
M0XXM    Mike
M0ZAE    Henry
M1ADX    Jonathan
M1AFQ    Paul
M1BKF    William
M1EEN    Greg
M1GEO    George
M3NGF    Roy
M3OYS    Aaron
M3PLU    Tammy
M3YYU    Ruth
M5AEC    Barrie
M6BXA    Jack
M6DBA    Dominic
M6DPZ    David
M6FHF    Alexander
M6GBD    Greg
M6HAE    Andrew
M6HRW    Hannah
M6HYQ    George
M6HYZ    Kevin
M6IEW     Gary
M6IIZ    Alison
M6JWP    John
M6LXM    Andrew
M6PZA    Peter
M6RSB    Bob
M6SGJ    Andrew
M6TPW    Tim
M6UES    Richard
M6VWN    Sojan
M6XTD    Stuart
M6XXR    Becky
M6ZLA    Zena
MI0TMW    Mervyn
MM0UMH    Les
N0DLB    Donald
SWL    Bobby
SWL    Lilly
SWL    Etholle
SWL    Ian
SWL    Karen
SWL    Andrew
SWL F    Stephen
SWL WW    Guy
W2RS    Ray



Contact details

Talk at Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Thank you very much for agreeing to give a talk to Norfolk Amateur Radio Club Unless otherwise advised the club meets in the sixth form centre of City of Norwich School in Eaton Road, Norwich, NR4 6PP, which is just off Newmarket Road and is the main road into Norwich from A11. We meet from 19:00 – 21:30 and talks usually start straight after notices at 19.45 and should last no longer than 60 minutes please – from experience we find the audience gets restless and start needing to use the toilet etc if much longer. This also gives plenty of time for members to come and meet and ask questions afterwards as well as everyone packing up as we have to be clear of our venue by 21:30 sharp. If you have any problems or delays on the day please contact our Chairman David G7URP on 07768 724485 or Vice Chairman Kevin on 07747 025823. To enable us to promote your visit effectively and help us make everything straightforward on the day please could you complete the form below and submit it to us as soon as possible.

Details of your talk


So we can budget & pay promptly NARC offer pre agreed expenses at the following rates which we need to know in advance.

Local=Local-medium distance (up to 75 miles from Norwich, ie 150 miles round trip) we pay 25p per mile.
Long=Long distance (over 75 miles from Norwich), we pay up to £100 total for combined travel and/or hotel.

Suggested Hotels if traveling via Train is the
Travellodge Norwich Riverside,
8 - 12 Vedast Street,
NR1 1BT,
Sat nav postcode: NR1 1BT
Tel: 08719 846438,
or by Road

Travellodge Cringleford.
Thickthorn Service Area,
A11 / A47 Interchange,
Norwich Southern Bypass,
Norwich NR9 3AU,
Sat nav postcode: NR9 3AU
Tel: 08719 846205

Please book the Hotel / Transport yourself and we will reimburse as required.

Please Select Local or Long and complete your expected expense in the field below.

Facilities required A microphone & PA will be provided

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Barford Radio Rally confirmed for 3rd July 2016 at Barford Village Hall Barford Norfolk for booking information contact David G7URP 

The rally opens to traders from 0800 and to visitors from 0900.

 More information to follow


We look forward to seeing you there.


David G7URP   

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organiser of Barford Radio Rally for NARC


NARC has various items of equipment which can be loaned out to members for a period of time.
Once on loan it is the repsonsabiltyof the member to ensure the safe keeping of the loaned equipment and any damage must be repaired or replaced before return.
Loan agreement document here.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the loan agreement.
Use the menu to navigate to :-

TX / RX Eqipment
Station Acc
SES Equipment

Contact Malcolm G3PDH or Mark G0LGJ to loan the equipment