Current 2018 Membership List

2E0BDB Tony
2E0BNI George
2E0DJR Julian
2E0FHF Alexander
2E0MYE Dave
2E0NVT Nick
2E0ODT Belinda
2E0OEE Jack
2E0PKH Paul
2E0POI Lorna
2E0RHT Ralph
2E0TSZ Susan
2E0TWQ John
2E0WPZ Dave
2E0XLL Simon
2E0XUI James
2E0YAO Lorna
2E0YRU Karen
2E1GTE Sarah
G0CBO Rodney
G0CZR Keith
G0DWV Chris
G0FEI Victor
G0FVG Peter
G0GFQ Keith
G0GGF Chris
G0HZP Mervyn
G0IMU David
G0JAG Richard
G0JIV Francis
G0KHC David
G0KYA Steve
G0LGJ Mark
G0MQG Tony
G0MQI Robert
G0MXN John
G0ODR+ Colin
G0OOR Tony
G0PEQ Peter
G0TZZ Chris
G0VSB Anthony
G0ZAA Shirli
G1EGL Robert
G3JNB Victor
G3LDI Roger
G3MPN David
G3PDH Malcolm
G3PND Steve
G3PXT Gordon
G3SEM Paul
G3UUR David
G3VPT Paul
G3VWQ Peter
G3WRJ Richard
G3XLL John
G3YOA Alec
G3ZQU Martin
G4CCX Chris
G4DYC Mike
G4GHO Steve
G4GVR Roger
G4JUV Neil
G4KLM Peter
G4KQY Mike
G4LPP Philip
G4NRG Roger
G4NRL Keith
G4NZQ Phillip
G4OZG+ Ted
G4PFZ John
G4RAV Pete
G4SGX Iain
G4TUK Robert
G4VLS Paul
G4WTD Colin
G4ZBA Paul
G6AIO Phillip
G6YPJ Jeff
G7JTZ Robert
G7KBF Stuart
G7PQF James
G7URP+ David
G8EEY Mike
G8OO Alan
G8SDU Robert
G8VPE John
M0CNM Andy
M0DXR Mark
M0DZB Keith
M0EBN Simon
M0GMK Colin
M0HBL Peter
M0HET Stephen
M0HGR Kenneth
M0HGU Nick
M0HHW William
M0JKB Stuart
M0KGH Geoffrey
M0KRK Donard
M0LDK Simon
M0LJD Laura
M0MAM Mark
M0NFY+ Neville
M0NKR+ Andrew
M0NNE David
M0OAS Adam
M0OCL Leanne
M0OLY Olly
M0PTO Matt
M0RYB Peter
M0SHK Kenneth
M0SWO Anthony
M0SYW Sonny
M0TDK Tony
M0TEO Thomas
M0TVG Michael
M0UJD Kevin
M0UKS James
M0UMG Mark
M0VCP Simon
M0VRA Peter
M0WBR Robert
M0WEL David
M0WLR Philip
M0XXM Mike
M0ZAE Henry
M1ADX Jonathan
M1AFQ Paul
M1BKF William
M1EEN Greg
M3OYS Aaron
M3PLU Tammy
M3SPD Steve
M5AEC Barrie
M6AWA Allan
M6DBA Dominic
M6HYQ George
M6JAU John
M6JWP John
M6KXR Kevin
M6LGT James
M6LXM Andrew
M6NRN David
M6NUB Charles
M6NXL Paul
M6PZY Ciaren
M6UES Richard
M6VUD Andrew
M6WYM Spiros
M6XKM Martijn
M6XTD Stuart
M6XXR Becky
M6ZLA Zena
MI0TMW Mervyn
Simon Simon
SWL Olly Olly
SWL Peter Peter
W2RS Ray

Hi all as requested you can now do a bank transfer to pay for items ordered from the On-line Shop. You can still select the option to pay on collection from NARC on a Wed evening.
I would prefer all orders to be made online as this allows me to keep track of the stock.

I have also just added a Hoody and Hoody with zip to the NARC Winter 2014 clothing range.

If you would like to see other items added to the shop please drop me an email.

If you are clicking on the above items links you will need to login first.
Regards Mark G0LGJ

From the RSGB :-
As you will know, all radio amateurs are required to re validate their licence at least every five years.  The process to do this requires every licence holder to contact Ofcom to confirm or update the details on the licence database.  This process has been underway for some time and to date some 55% of licences have been successfully re validated.
 The quickest way to re validate is to do so “on-line” via the Ofcom website or by email  :-
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and this can be done at any time.  If individuals need assistance in the process, Ofcom staff are available to help on the telephone but their limited availability means that the workload needs to be staggered to avoid undue delays.  There will thus need to be a phased approach during the coming months and Ofcom have asked for our assistance.
We will be publishing details on the website, in RadCom and supplementing these with weekly reminders in the regional sections of the GB2RS News that apply to your Region .  It would be good if you could supplement this publicity by making contact with clubs and your other contacts with the amateur radio community during the coming month to reinforce the message.  That message is as follows:

  ·         Although amateur radio licences are now classed as “lifetime”, revalidation is compulsory.
  ·         Ofcom have advised that any licences that remain unvalidated by a yet to be agreed date will be considered as lapsed. 

After this time, licences will need to be renewed and a fee of £20 will be charged.

Regards Mark G0LGJ / DRM for the RSGB Norfolk

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