Activity on GB3NR and GB3NB ??

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Activity on GB3NR and GB3NB ?? was created by G0CBO
Just an observation but there seems to be a lack of it. As I am now retired I find I am spending a lot of time in my Radio Shack and I am somewhat surprised that more people do not use our local repeaters, both appear to have very good coverage and not a lot of power seems to be needed to gain access. I know a few club members do use NB and they often pop up for a quick chat but NR seems very quiet.

I know that these days we all have mobile phones and Skype etc but if we dont make use its the same old story it could be taken away.

Having recently purchased a dual band handheld it has not had a lot of use as yet.

Another station I worked on NB who was on holiday here and also asked the same, he came from Manchester area and he told me that 2 mtrs FM was still very popular up there and during evenings and weekends it was a job to find a clear channel lol

Any comments or observations from other users

Rodney G0CBO Taverham Norwich
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