Advance Course Notes

Subs for our club membership for 2018 are now payable.

As announced at the club on Wednesday 29th November, we have had to raise the price of subs to meet increased costs at our venue, but it is a relatively small increase of £4 for each of the main 3 levels of membership and this is the first time we have had an increase since 2010, so an average of 50p a year. 

2018 Membership rates are as follows; for details of criteria of the various levels of membership please see the updated NARC membership form details on our website:

Full £25

Concession £20

Family £30

Associate £7

Junior £5

 You can download a new form from the following link

Subs may be renewed with a commitee member at any meeting from now on, where a receipt will also be given. If renewing online please be sure to use your name and callsign as the reference and/or send an email to the Treasurer to advise of the payment.

73, David G7URP (on behalf of Mark G0LGJ, Treasurer & membership secretary)