Advance Course Notes

Tonight is a social informal with the return of Bright Sparks for our young members as well as Morse with Paul and Jim

Also tonight we welcome Peter G0DZB as our guest - he is our RSGB regional manager who is coming to see Bright Sparks and meet the training team, as well as anyone else who would like to discuss anything else about the society.


As usual we meet between 1900-2130 in CNS 6th form common room


73, David G7URP



Also note the following - for any further information or to book please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


• Final chance to go to Hamfest this Friday - Limited number of coach seats with entrance tickets £25 return

• Friendly Summer Foxhunt next Sunday 30th September

• Foundation and Advance License Courses for Autumn


morse key 2  Yes, I am lucky to be able to send and receive Morse Code. And, do you know, the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get!

This idea seems to be catching on. I was at the FOC 80th Dinner celebrations last week and two other ops are now starting their own Bootcamp. One is Rich G4FAD and the other is Gavin GM0GAV. That makes four running now in the UK and hopefully the idea will spread even further.
Our own local Bootcamp date has yet to be decided, but will probably be in late November as usual. I will post the date as soon as agreed with Malcolm G3PDH. Hope you intend coming along for a fun day!
Just to remind you that if you still need to do any studying:
You can find your study course here:
or here:
After that do take a look at how to construct a QSO:
From October onwards we hope that some of you will be taking a Proficiency Certificate:
GB2CW Certificates.
We have several in the various classes that could be eligible for a Proficiency Certificate. Without being pushed, please just consider taking a test locally. Malcolm G3PDH is the Assessor and Phill G4NZQ is the Adjudicator. If you are interested in taking a test, please remember that there is no pressure and the speed can be as low as even 5 wpm, because you can then upgrade as you feel capable. Please let Malcolm know and he will make the necessary arrangements. It would be nice to have several at one session if possible.
With a few local passes, suitable pictures could be published in Radcom to further the purpose of the GB2CW training scheme. As CW is no longer part of the Amateur Licence this will also increase your spectrum capability, because without CW you lose 40% of the available amateur bands. CW readers are fine, but no replacement for a brain!
Remember that Malcolm is away for September, returning beginning of October, so I would suggest as much practice as possible between now and middle of October, when he will be making arrangements with Phil G4NZQ to set up the tests. They will probably take place here, QTH G3LDI, for the sake of peace and quiet. PLEASE EMAIL MALCOLM OF YOUR INTEREST AND INTENTIONS. HERE:
"Malcolm Prestwood, G3PDH President NARC" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

bug key
The schedule for Morse tuition locally is:
1000 - 1100 Coffee Break Morse with Chris G4CCX on 145.250MHz
1900 - 2000 Raw Beginners with Roger G3LDI on 145.250MHz
2000 - 2100 Intermediates with Jim G3YLA on 145.625MHz - in other words on GB3NB repeater,
1000 - 1100 Coffee Break Morse with Chris G4CCX on GB3NB
2000 - 2100 Advanced Class with Malcolm G3PDH on the GB3NB Repeater.
The Tuesday class is well attended, as is the Thursday class on GB3NB.
INFORMAL evenings at the Club will still have Morse in the Computer Room with Paul M1AFQ and Chris G4CCX. Jim G3YLA will also be taking the Persuader's Class in the main room.
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club CW Net.
This will remain as part of this GB2CW CW Corner, just to remind you of the net. Hopefully some of you will join in.
NARC Net: 3545kHz plus or minus QRM. The Net Controller, normally Malcolm G3PDH, will call CQ at 8.30 p.m. local time on Monday evenings. Call with just your call sign once until he acknowledges you. Once all check-ins have been established, a list will be sent of the order. Make a note of this because you should know your place on the list and each operator will take his turn, passing it to the next call on the list. Short overs are needed with quotes on salient points, and sending your news at the same time. Make notes as the net progresses and comment on just the point(s) that you wish to address.
Speed will not be a problem because that is adjusted to the lowest speed on the net. Two things are practised here. One is conversational Morse, and the other is Net Protocol. It should provide both confidence and impetus for you to make more QSOs on the air. We look forward to hearing you.
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.

HF  News
Firstly, the sunspot reported a few weeks ago as possibly being from the new sunspot cycle 25 was in fact from cycle 24.
Although it had a reverse magnetic polarity signature than other cycle 24 spots, scientists now say that its low solar latitude means it was not from the new cycle. Scientists are also now predicting that sunspot minimum may now be in September 2019, so we can expect poor conditions to last for some time yet.
Over this last week the solar flux index was pegged pretty much at 68. Geomagnetic conditions were mainly settled in the latter half of the week with the K index zero at times.
Next week NOAA predicts the solar flux index will remain in the range 68-69. Geomagnetic conditions are forecast to be poor on Sunday the 23rd and Monday the 24th due to a small coronal hole that will contribute to the high speed solar wind. 
Expect the K index to reach at least four, with conditions improving as the week progresses.
We are now moving into the autumnal propagation season so we can expect to see modest rises in maximum usable frequencies, perhaps passing 18 and even 21 Megahertz at VHF and up propagation news.
VHF News
This weekend looks to be in the grip of unsettled weather with strong winds possible. One model puts a deep low over southern England today with the potential for very strong winds in the south. 
Another model doesn’t develop this strong feature, so it’s a case of checking the forecasts regularly and making sure your antennas are secure.
There is better news for the coming week as high pressure is expected to return to bring more settled conditions, giving a chance for Tropo to develop. The overnight and early morning autumn mists are a good weather clue for Tropo conditions since they indicate cool moist air near the surface, overlain by warmer drier air above. 
It’s this contrast of moisture which is the major contribution to changes in the refractive index of the air and hence ducting or Tropo.
The moon is past apogee now and declination goes positive on Tuesday meaning increasingly longer moon windows and decreasing EME path losses as the week progresses.
There’s a light meteor shower peaking next Saturday. The daytime Sextantids is not well known to visual observers as its radiant lies close to the sun. This means that trails are only visible during the last couple of hours before dawn. Meteor rates are very low so nothing to get excited about from a meteor scatter point of view.

BARTG 75 Sprint
More of a lethargic stroll! Propagation was awful, not many taking part because of that so Q-rates were low. I finished with 127 for the four hours, quite poor. In fact, I gave up at 9.30. John G8VPE made 33 and Lorna did well to get 40. I am not sure if anybody else took part locally.
NARC VHF/UHF Contests.
Rod G0CBO is taking on the role of organising these contests and if anybody is interested, please email Rod to let him know. His email address is:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rod posted this on the Forum and also on the NARC Contest reflector:
Posted this on the club forum about a possible contest group for 2 and 6 metres. As some of you may remember we did try one last year which we all enjoyed..
So far I have had some responses and positive comments from both club members and people who are at this time willing to have a go at a few next year.
Would be nice if we could arrange something again possibly using the field at Great Ellingham and the clubs equipment supply of tents, tables, chairs etc
Speaking to Roger G3LDI he tells me he has the tower trailer, Alan G8OO has an antenna we could use on 2metres and we have a radio, I am sure we could scrounge an amplifier from someone.
With all our combined skills on operating, setting up the station etc this would be good to try again and get NARC mentioned in the results tables again.
All would be made very welcome to join in and as we now have some newer members who seem quite keen I think we could cover the operating slots.
May I propose that when we have a contest committee and ideas meeting at the club we could discuss this and suggest ways to push this forward.
As a quick look there seems to be three 2 metre contests we could try but we can decide the best way to enter nearer the time.
Using the Club tower would need somebody with a suitable towing vehicle, such as a 4x4. There might be sufficient interest from enough people to run such a station, but it does require a lot of planning and work. The station should not be left unattended either, meaning that somebody will have to be there for the full period of the contest, regardless of hours. Please liaise with Rod on this so he can organise a meeting to discuss plans.
The autumn series seem to be going well with several taking part thus far. John G8VPE is keeping tabs on how many are entering and so on. A few comments from him:
One point to stress about contesting is to take extra care when logging callsigns containing O or 0 (zero).
In my haste I logged Alan as G800 (G-eight hundred), which N1MM+ accepted with no error message - I only spotted the mistake when checking the Cabrillo version just before uploading my entry.
I appreciate that the three Wednesday evening sessions will clash with Club meeting nights, so I've annotated the list below.
Here are the remaining Autumn Series dates to put into your diaries.
Thursday 27th September DATA 2000-2130 local time
Monday 8th October CW 2000-2130 local time
Wednesday 17th October DATA 2000-2130 local time (Informal)
Thursday 25th October SSB 2000-2130 local time
Monday 12th November DATA 2000-2130 local time
Wednesday 21st November SSB 2000-2130 local time (K5AC, Flex)
Thursday 29th November CW 2000-2130 local time
Hope to see as many entries as possible on the above dates.
John G8VPE
That's it for this time. 73 de Roger, G3LDI

Our programme secretary Roger G3LDI does a wonderful job filling our programme with guests and talks through the year, but we know from things we hear that some of you would like to see other guests or talks. At the end of the day Roger can only ask people he knows through his circle of radio friends or people he has seen give talks at a convention or show, so this is your opportunity to help.

Please give us some ideas for speakers you know or have seen. Try and be constructive, so rather than 'less talks about xxxxx' spefific examples of people we can ask like 'I have seen yyyyy give a talk and it was really good' or 'I would really like to hear a talk about zzzz'.  With Skype we can obviously be more adventurous than we were, so don't be afraid to suggest people from long distances away in the UK or abroad. 

As an example, in setting up the club deal and ordering the QCX transceivers from G0UPL I found he has a fascinating story to tell, how a Brit called Hans Summers came to be in Japan and come up with a range of innovative equipment which he now sells from his home in Turkey...... so I asked him and he is giving us a live Skype talk from his home in Turkey on January 9th next year.

Go on, please let us have some great ideas for inspirational and interesting speakers, otherwise how can we put them on?

Thanks, 73 David G7URP