Due to the Koblenz Club being busy with a PR event this coming Saturday the 10th November, the sked has been changed to Saturday 17th November.

Time as usual, 1000 hrs on SSB 7.135kHz +/- the QRM.  Listening watch also maintained on 145.250 for anyone unable to get into the net.

Malcolm G3PDH

Tonight a social informal meeting, with CW practice in the computer room and a meeting of 'Electron' electronics group in the back classroom from 19.45 - all members welcome!

73, David G7URP

HF News

The large geomagnetic disturbance that we predicted last week actually hit the Earth on Sunday evening and Monday morning as the plasma cloud was moving slower than experts predicted. Nevertheless, its effects were dramatic, pushing the Kp index to six and sparking widespread visible aurora, even from parts of the UK.

The geomagnetic storm hit HF conditions on Monday with showing maximum useable frequencies over a 3,000km path struggling to exceed 12-13 MHz in the morning.

Things did improve as the week went on, but conditions remained unsettled with the Kp index still hitting four on Thursday the 8th.

It would be good to be able to give you better news for next week, but another very large Earth-facing coronal hole on the Sun on Thursday means we can probably expect more unsettled geomagnetic conditions on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th.

NOAA agrees and predicts the Kp index could reach at least four, with the threat of suppressed maximum useable frequencies on HF. The better news is that conditions may then improve and we may see better HF propagation from Wednesday onwards.

There have been some HF highlights. Ron G3SVW reports working Brian 9J2BO in Zambia on 15 metres last Sunday, and Andy M0NKR reports Andy 5R8UP in Madagascar being active on 80m, which is a long haul from the UK for early November.

VHF and up

This weekend we are still under the influence of the large area of low pressure just to the northwest of Britain. This means a mild and rather breezy pattern of southwesterly winds and scattered showers, some likely to be heavy and perhaps thundery. Rain scatter will therefore be a possibility for stations on the microwave bands.

High pressure remains to the east of the UK and therefore Tropo will be only an occasional presence for the eastern side of the country, across the North Sea for example.

This leaves us with the possibility of aurora due to disturbed geomagnetic conditions; the tip here is to follow the Kp index which is a measure of how disturbed the Earth’s magnetic field is and thus the prospects for aurora.

Values greater than five or six should start to attract your interest.

As well as the smaller Northern Taurids meteor shower on Monday, the Leonids reach their peak next Saturday, and with a zenith hourly rate or ZHR of 15 it’s one of the largest showers of the year.

The Leonids occasionally produce a meteor storm with a ZHR of more than 1,000. The last one was 2001, but that’s not predicted this year. Look for enhanced reflections from today on the lower VHF bands.

The Moon is at minimum declination today and apogee on Wednesday so a poor week for EME.

Following the 'Product Placement' promotion at the quiz on Wednesday night, Donard has linked us to a schedule of talks which may well be of interest to NARC members who are welcome to go fre of charge. All meetings are at The Holiday Inn Hotel NR4 6EP and talks start at 19.30 sharp.

You can see the full list of talks here:

Also he mentions that as part of the IET East Coast Group we have on 13 November at 6pm in room 01.02 of the Elizabeth Fry Building UEA the Technical Director of COMSOL UK who is giving a talk "A brief history of electromagnetic". COMSOL is one of the biggest names in computer modelling software (

Thank you Donard - we are always happy to publicise relevant events and talks to NARC members

73, David G7URP


BOOTCAMP BOOTCAMP -... --- --- - -.-. .- -- .--.
This will take place at QTHR G3LDI - The Old Nursery - on Sunday November 18th.
Several others have now had to cancel due to arrangements for the 18th! Pleasing everybody is always a problem.
Sorry to have to disappoint those that have now bowed out, but hopefully you will be there in the spring.
Tutors will be Malcolm G3PDH, Jim G3YLA and me Roger G3LDI as well as doubling as tea-boy.....
The modified list is now as follows:
Chris G4CCX
Tony G0OOR
Paul G4ZBA
Mike G4DYC
Steven M6KYF
Paul G3SEM
Michael M0IEQ

As an added incentive for the Bootcamp, Steve G0KYA has kindly made available 12 1-2Gb USB memory sticks that have the latest version of the G4FON software (not yet available on G4FON's site) together with some books in .txt format. Steve has collected these from his travels so many are branded “Rockwell Collins”, "Airbus” etc - but he is kindly letting us have them free of charge!
. Steve says:
They are not big enough for the MP3 files, but that is kind of irrelevant as you can use the software to output the books to MP3 at the speed YOU want anyway. Steve duly gave them to me at the Club on Wednesday evening.
I shall be sending out a round robin later today. Hopefully there will be more applying. There will be three classes for receive practice and we will sort them out on the day. Please email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


bug key
Congratulations to Mui M0MUI who has made her first CW QSO on 80m with Jim G3YLA. To prove it, she received her QSL card on Wednesday evening! Having broken the ice, time to get on the bands and start making some QSOs with others! You will soon get used to it.
Morse at the Club takes place in the computer room and is quite well supported. If you would like to join, you are most welcome. There is a need for some to join the beginner's class. I hope we have not reached saturation for those wanting to learn Morse. It is a skill very worth while having.
Just to remind you that if you still need to do any studying:
You can find your study course here:
or here:
After that do take a look at how to construct a QSO:
GB2CW Certificates.
From October onwards we hope that some of you will be taking a Proficiency Certificate:
We have several in the various classes that could be eligible for a Proficiency Certificate. Without being pushed, please just consider taking a test locally. Malcolm G3PDH is the Assessor and Phill G4NZQ is the Adjudicator. If you are interested in taking a test, please remember that there is no pressure and the speed can be as low as even 5 wpm, because you can then upgrade as you feel capable. Please let Malcolm know and he will make the necessary arrangements. It would be nice to have several at one session if possible.
With a few local passes, suitable pictures could be published in Radcom to further the purpose of the GB2CW training scheme. As CW is no longer part of the Amateur Licence this will also increase your spectrum capability, because without CW you lose 40% of the available amateur bands. CW readers are fine, but no replacement for a brain!
Remember that Malcolm is away for September, returning beginning of October, so I would suggest as much practice as possible between now and middle of October, when he will be making arrangements with Phil G4NZQ to set up the tests. They will probably take place here, QTH G3LDI, for the sake of peace and quiet. PLEASE EMAIL MALCOLM OF YOUR INTEREST AND INTENTIONS. HERE:
"Malcolm Prestwood, G3PDH President NARC" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

morse key 2  I don't need to practice. I have a crib sheet and can look it up! Anyway my computer reads it for me, why should I bother.....
The schedule for Morse tuition locally is:
1000 - 1100 Coffee Break Morse with Chris G4CCX on 145.250MHz
1900 - 2000 Raw Beginners with Roger G3LDI on 145.250MHz
2000 - 2100 Intermediates with Jim G3YLA on 145.625MHz - in other words on GB3NB repeater,
1000 - 1100 Coffee Break Morse with Chris G4CCX on GB3NB
2000 - 2100 Advanced Class with Malcolm G3PDH on the GB3NB Repeater.
The Tuesday class is well attended, as is the Thursday class on GB3NB.
INFORMAL evenings at the Club will still have Morse in the Computer Room with Paul M1AFQ and Chris G4CCX. Jim G3YLA will also be taking the Persuader's Class in the main room.
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club CW Net.
This will remain as part of this GB2CW CW Corner, just to remind you of the net. Hopefully some of you will join in.
NARC Net: 3545kHz plus or minus QRM. The Net Controller, normally Malcolm G3PDH, will call CQ at 8.30 p.m. local time on Monday evenings. Call with just your call sign once until he acknowledges you. Once all check-ins have been established, a list will be sent of the order. Make a note of this because you should know your place on the list and each operator will take his turn, passing it to the next call on the list. Short overs are needed with quotes on salient points, and sending your news at the same time. Make notes as the net progresses and comment on just the point(s) that you wish to address.
Speed will not be a problem because that is adjusted to the lowest speed on the net. Two things are practised here. One is conversational Morse, and the other is Net Protocol. It should provide both confidence and impetus for you to make more QSOs on the air. We look forward to hearing you.
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.