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Roger Cooke
Programme Secretary & Joint contest Co-Ord
The Old Nursery
The Drift
NR14 8LQ

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Roger G3LDI Licensed in 1956, at a tender age (!) I have been a keen DX-er ever since, also interested in RTTY in the late fifties, with the usual mechanical gear, but now use a PC, N1MM with MMTTY. I am Chairman of BARTG and usually make an entry into the BARTG contests, plus the RSGB contests on behalf of NARC.I still run GB7LDI, a full-time BBS with Internet access. Try port 6400  I also run the local DX CLuster, GB7RDX, also with Internet access. I have now closed down all RF ports for the Cluster and BBS. Try Telnetting port 7000.  Antennas include a Rhombic, 4 wavelengths per leg on 20 meters, pointed NW and up at about 80ft, a 4-el SteppIr at 110ft and numerous dipoles. I am now retired from TV/Video engineering, and enjoy my hobbies, which also include gardening. I enjoy writing for PW, CQ, Radcom and also promote the RSGB GB2CW Morse broadcasts as co-ordinator  running Morse classes from home as well. Member of Amsat-UK and Life Member of Amsat-NA.  I am also a musician, classically trained on piano from the age of 5, and ran my own band for 40 years. I still play, but now use a Kawai MP5 professional stage piano. Most of my work is now in restaurants as background music, playing jazz standards, and working for charities, Stroke Club, Day Care Centres and McMillan Nurses.

NARC Training 2019

Training is very important to us as we realise that is how new people can come into the hobby and attain their Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Amateur Radio licenses.

The Syllabus and Exams for all levels is changing significantly from August 2019 and so like many other clubs we need to take a break from running courses from August to give us time to research, prepare and plan courses based on all three levels for 2020. However we will be running three courses before August; A Foundation course in April, an Intermediate course from March - May and another Foundation course in June - July. So if you would like to take either of these exams with NARC in 2019 you need to book your place as soon as possible by emailing Exam Secretary David G7URP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.