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Phillip Brooks
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Phillip has been in amateur radio since 1978. An RSGB Board member since 2008 but
must stand down allowing more time for NARC activities. Best known as GB2RS News
First licensed in 1980 Phillip has been involved in the hobby since 1978. He has been
very active in the RSGB as a Board member since 2008 but the Constitution of the Society
requires him to stand down at this year’s AGM.
During his time as a Board member he was instrumental in initiating the Regional
Websites; and, with Roger G3LDI, rejuvenating the GB2CW service and introducing the
Morse Competency Scheme. He has also been involved with the development of
RadCom and particularly the Getting Started in Series as well as the Newcomers
Newsletter written by Steve G0KYA. He continues to work on the creation of an Advanced
Newsletter and preparation of an on-line Ten Year RadCom Index for release this autumn.
Phillip will continue to be involved with the Society’s publications but ending his term as a
Board member will provide him with additional time to devote to NARC activities. Perhaps
best known to many NARC members as provider of the GB2RS News service, his
commitment to providing this service since 1994 is evidence of the dedication and
commitment he can bring to the Committee’s activities.
Apart from NARC, other Memberships include: Essex CW Group, BATC and G-QRP Club.