CW Net Timetable


After a broadband disaster last week (see below) I am delighted to say that Jon and Andy are happy to be there for us again with an Interactive talk on their wonderful SDR Play technology this Wednesday at 19.30!  


Broadband update: On Sunday evening I was at last able to prove to our ISP that our Internet drops out occasionally because I managed to call and talk to them while it was still down so they could see it on their remote testing and consequently I now have an Openreach Engineer tasked to come out to my works on Tuesday morning. Of course I hope they find the problem and are able to sort it out before Wednesday, but if not thanks to two friends I have back up plans....


As I wrote last week, Software Defined Radios are very popular and one of the leading players in this market is SDRplay, which is a British company. Founders Jon Hudson and Andy Carpenter will give us a talk on the SDRplay range of SDR receivers they have created.  As well as sharing the roadmap for their SDRuno software, they will demonstrate the new RSPdx and also look forward to answering live questions about SDRs via messenger and email to me.


This talk will be live streamed for free and viewable by most people with a computer or tablet connected to broadband internet. This week I will again be using Facebook Live as the platform to watch it on as it is available to most people and also records the programme for later use. If you are already a Facebook member you can search for Norfolk Amateur Radio Club and then look for the Live Stream starting with a 'coming soon' slide around 19.25.  If you are not on Facebook you can visit   This will enable you to watch it without being signed in, although two people told me that it asks you to sign in every minute or so;  Not much I can say really as they are providing significant streaming and storage services for 'free' but need to fund it by advertisers in the same way that google and other corporates do, however.....

Whats next...

I intend to trial different platforms in the coming weeks including the BATC's streaming system which several people suggested and I have applied for an account for the club and will be trialling soon (it does most things but does not record for replay later). I also want to look at the possibility of relaying questions directly by voice possibly on the radio... but one step at a time.

Please try and join me on these trial NARC Live! evenings, its a great modern way to communicate and keep the spirit of the club going, so important when we are all going to have to spend a lot more time at home, some of us on our own. And as we go on we can try new ideas....  let me know what you think.


Take care, stay safe

73, David G7URP