CW Net Timetable

Jim G3YLA's class is still going strong! I am seriously worried now about my hat!!

Beginners CW 25wpm Week 11 report


It was another session on GB3NB 8pm Tues where the class is learning some of the many abbreviations or short words commonly used in a CW QSO. I have classes mapped out to the end of April, by which time you should have enough of an idea to make sense of any CW QSO.

The great progress made by the gang this week is a real testament to the value of practice and even when you have had to miss a few lessons this type of learning can be done in your own time with one of the many good CW programs out there.

I am just about to start producing MP3 files of the classes and these will be made available in due course, so the full list of files used from Week 1 to week 17 will be ready for listening to in the car or on your computer.

Anyone who has been involved in the series so far can do a lot of good by trying to make time to listen on the bands and start identifying letters or phrases. Don’t worry about only getting the odd letter or very common phrase at first, the more you do it, the easier these CW QSOs will become.

Stay well and use some of the time at home to sharpen those CW skills.


73 de Jim



begali HST


BOOTCAMP has had to be cancelled due to the situation. Hopefully we will be able to run one in November. I will keep the distribution list and send another round robin nearer the date.
In the meantime, with self isolation, what a great opportunity to get some practice in. Lots of choice:
All of the above, plus many more, can give a varied amount of practice.
Try a few CQ calls on the FISTS frequencies, nothing quite like a REAL QSO, plus the sending practice too!


Headcopy Class is going well.
EISH5 These groups are just a bit of fun really. It concentrates the mind on patterns.If you have problems with this mix, don't worry too much because it is highly unlikely that they will ever be sent in general covesation. So don't despair, even the most skilled have problems with groups like this.
However, it is all good Practice, that Big P word again!
So, join us at 1000 on Monday mornings and have some fun.

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.