CW Net Timetable

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club (NARC) took part in National Science Week last Saturday with a display and radio demonstrations at Norwich CNS School, where NARC usually meets every Wednesday. 

The school’s “Super Science Saturday” featured a whole host of different events and NARC was only too happy to assist. CNS was one of the schools that made an ISS contact with astronaut Tim Peake.

Sonny M0SYW and Steve G0KYA put on a demonstration HF station using the club call G4ARN (Amateur Radio Norfolk), while James M0UKS and James G7PQF put on a display of 2m APRS and its applications.

NARC also demonstrated a Flex Maestro, which was connected via the internet to Malcolm G3PDH’s home HF station, showing how amateur radio has moved with the times.

John Goldsmith M6JAU, who runs NARC’s Bright Sparks activities for youngsters, also showed a wide range of interactive electronic projects, including a radio-controlled digger and a line-following robot, one of the projects the Bright Sparks had built.

David G7URP and Tammy M0TC showed electronic construction, while Sam (one of the club’s new Bright Sparks) built a medium wave/FM radio from a kit – complete with instructions in Chinese!

Contact was also made with Norwich's twin city of Koblenz in Germany on 40m in a regular monthly net. Other HF contacts were made with Canada, Malta, Switzerland, Norway via SSB and CW.

You can view more images in the NARC gallery