CW Net Timetable

With the updated government advice of March 16th you will probably not be surprised to learn that the committee and officers of this club have suspended all physical meetings and events for the forseeable future, with immediate effect. However we are aiming to continue to provide an active club presence with a NARC Live! TV stream with guests as well as nets etc which we very much hope you will support and join in.


The Club AGM and awards evening originally scheduled for Wednesday April 1st will also not now take place, but at the committee meeting on 16th March all club officers and commitee have agreed to stay on to run the club for as long as it takes until we can safely reschedule meetings and an AGM later in the year. As you will appreciate it is impossible for us or anyone to anticipate how long this social distancing and isolation will go on, so we just cannot tell if some of our major events like NFD/Radio Active and Barford later in the year will go on at this time, but it feels rather unlikely at the moment. The International Marconi Day event at Caister event has already been cancelled, although nearer the time Steve G0KYA will be letting you know how you can still take part from home.


As I said previously we will strive to keep the function of the club going with a NARC Live! stream or radio net on Wednesdays, plus other onair/online events we will bring to you. After all, communication is at the heart of our hobby, so I feel we should try and put this technology and skill to good use and continue to bring companionship to everyone in our hobby, especially to those who are vulnerable or on their own. And if there is something you feel the club can do to help someone specific, please let one of the committee know and we will do our best.


Please continue to keep an eye on the front page of our website for the latest club news.

Take Care and stay safe.

73, David G7URP

Hon Chairman, for and on behalf of Norfolk Amateur Radio Club