Contest News from somewhere East of Norwich.
80m Club Championship:

The 80mCC DATA contest (12/02/20), published results are still pending.

Hopefully we'll see the new pecking order before the next event, CW on Thursday 27th February.

Propagation conditions for inter-G working were poor for the whole data contest.
Strong stations from GM were well clear of the noise and many EU stations became well featured in quite a few logs.
The longer skip propagation was noticed in most parts of the country and generally everyone suffered with lower than usual numbers of contacts.
The number of logs dropped only slightly to 10 logs entered for BOUDICA and 9 logs for NELSON - not too far, still a good balance, but then not every station has a set-up for RTTY/PSK.
I've had an attempt at crystal ball gazing again based on the RAW numbers of QSOs.
It looks like Nelson will have yet another 'Victory' (pun!) and with only one arm!
Normalising the RAW scores against the leaders in each of the sections, 10W/100W and Assisted/Unassisted, the top three stations in the General Category appear to be:
De Montfort University ARS 4460 points with 11 logs. +37.7% more than Nelson.
Norfolk ARC NELSON 3240 points with 9 logs. +17.9% more than Boudica.
Norfolk ARC BOUDICA 2748 points with 10 logs. 492 points behind Nelson.
Time for Boudica's lot to lay off the mead and slap on some more woad !
As a comparison, if the two raw NARC scores were combined then De Montfort would have been 25.5% behind us in Data.
All said, there could be double bonus points available for contacting GM6XX on both modes which could effectively add an extra 8 QSOs to some already very low scores.
My log of 17 Qs will become 25 scored, unless it attracts UBNs and Penalties.
It may be quite a different picture when the official results are published.
The Contest Net still runs every Friday evening at 2000utc on 145.250MHz for anyone needing help and guidance setting up for N1MM+ Logger and getting started in RTTY/PSK or just doing on-air tests to blow the cobwebs out of their data interfaces.
Coming to your shack soon:
80m CC CW - Thursday 27th February.
80m CC DATA - Monday 2nd March (just 4 days after the CW).
80m CC CW - Wednesday 11th March.
80m CC SSB - Thursday 26th March.
RSGB AFS Contests Update:
432MHz AFS (February 2nd 2020) - no entry.
However, overall in the Super League NARC have surprisingly maintained a 5th position in the Local Category, largely due to the 4 strong entries in the HF AFS events.
We may drop a few more places because we are waiting for the adjudication for the 432MHz AFS and then AFS Super League will be complete for the 2019/20 season.
The new 2020/21 Series begins on 20th September 2020 with the 70MHz(4m) AFS followed on 18th October with the 50MHz(6m)AFS. We shall again enter in the Local Category, unless it is decided to move to General before the first event in September.
For next year much more interest in the VHF events would be very welcome.
Something for the Weekend:
The 2020 CQ WW 160m SSB Contest, starting 2200utc on Friday 21st February and ending 2200utc on Sunday 23rd February. Rules at:
Also on the same weekend is the REF SSB contest from France, rules below:
A useful calendar of other contests can be found here in Bruce's (WA7BNM) weekly listings:
Always download and study the rules.
Monday 17th February was the first of nine RSGB FT4 Contests on 80m.
85 logs were submitted, which could mean that this form of contesting may become more popular than RTTY and PSK.
The next FT4 event will be on Monday 16th March 2020.
Rules at:
VHF UK Activity Contests.
Tuesday 3rd March is the 144MHz UKAC.
Tuesday 10th March is the 432MHz UKAC.
Thursday 12th March is the 50MHz UKAC.
Thursday 19th March is the 70MHz UKAC.
73 John G8VPE