CW Net Timetable

I have now ordered and paid for the 33 entrance tickets for those who have already booked, BUT you can still buy a seat only on our coach for £20 and buy your Hamfest entrance ticket when you get there for £5.

PLUS If just 1 or more person buys a seat on the coach everyone on the coach will get £5 cashback, including those who paid £20 for a seat only! So what are you waiting for - 1 more person needed to reduce everyones journey by £5! Open to everyone, not just members of NARC.

The coach trip to the National Hamfest is next Friday 27th September with pickups both East of Norwich and West and both offering free car parking. Cost is £20 per person return - buy your £5 entrance ticket when you get there. There will be a comfort break both on the way and on the return journey and there is almost unlimited space to put any equipment or antenna you want to take to sell or bring back (the coach driver is available during the day to take in equipment you buy.

The National Hamfest is now recognised as THE main radio rally of the year, with all of the main radio manufacturers there and most major retailers as well as hard to get items like antenna hardware and a flea market and bring and buy.

The booking form is on the front of the club website and printed versions are also at the club, or email meto book.


Thank you

73, David G7URP