Next Thursday 25th March is an SSB session in the Club Championships.  So far NARC are in the lead in the Local Club section so we hope that as many members will participate as possible to ensure that we maintain our position. Any new members, or newcomers to contesting, are welcome to join us and if they require any assistance to contact any of the contest team.  There is a ‘Contest Net’ held every Friday night at 2100 hrs on 145.250mHz specifically for the purpose of providing such assistance, just call in.
The contest rules can be found at
Details about the tables and results can be found at
Malcolm G3PDH


Last weeks NARC Live - The History of Transatlantic Radio Communications

We have added a YouTube recording of last Wednesdays NARC Live on The History of Transatlantic Radio Communications

Note that we only upload recordings of some programmes to YouTube, but every NARC Live! is always available to watch on the clubs Facebook page:

73, Tammy M0TC



Ofcom Important message about your licence - re ICNIRP / EMF letter and the follow up email...

Watch our NARC Live Special on Wednesday 24th March.

The RSGB have also been covering this for many months in Radcom and on their website and are currently working on more support too as well as a live Tonight @ 8 webinar on July 5th. They have been doing a lot of work on this behind the scenes and thank you to a member for this link on some of their latest work:


Meantime this is a link to the main page at Ofcom:

And this week they updated some of the information:


If you wish to make any representations you need to do this direct to Ofcom - follow the instructions on your Ofcom email or letter and do it before April 18th.


However please note that any changes will not come into force until at least May 18th and most amateurs will have at least six months to comply from then, so there really is no urgency and it is probably best to wait and see what the final changes to the license are from May 18th before doing lots of work on it as some things may change.

This also seems an opportune time to remind you that you must validate your amateur radio license at least once every five years, so why not log in now and validate your license by verifying all of your information is the same. 


73, David G7URP








Ferrite special

NARC has secured a special deal for the ferrites for the following common mode choke

Fair-Rite part number 2643167851

Price just £2.00 per ferrite 

May be collected from Dereham or Norwich with social distancing in place and payment via bank transfer to NARC.

please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details