Wednesday 24th February: NARC Live!   Getting to know... Ian Shepherd G4EVK

At first you may not know our special guest this week by his name, but Ian G4EVK has had a very interesting and busy life and is currently Chairman of the Board of the RSGB. However he has also been heavily involved with the Lincoln shortwave club who co-run the National Hamfest at Newark and celebrate their centenary this month, and we have'nt even mentioned the music tech yet.....  so join us to find out from the man himself and as always this will be live so you will be able to ask questions too.

All this plus your news, Tammys 'Little People' and make sure you send in your guesses for 'Who works from a shack like this' by Wednesday 3pm latest. 


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Getting to know...  Ian Shepherd G4EVK 

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