new year                       A very healthy and vaccinated 2021 to all reading this part of the newsletter.

Put some of your free time to a useful purpose.
We are in a more restricted time yet again for a few more months. What better time could you wish for to learn Morse? Why should you do it? Well, there are several good reasons.  You are missing out on lots of things:
1 47% of the amateur radio frequencies that are available.
2 A lot of fun which can be had every day.
3 A lot of contests, activity periods, DX-peditions, IOTAs, SOTAs, etc.
You will also be able to listen to the CW end of the band and not hear just a load of interrupted tones at varying speed. You will hear people, even friends, and make new friends. It will all come to life once you have mastered the learning of the code.
This is what fascinated me about 70 years ago, listening on my Dad's old radio on the short wave bands. I was always keen to find out where these signals came from. I guess I was young and impressionable then, but I am very glad I did learn the code. Mind you, I had to when I did get a licence, otherwise I would not have had a QSO. There were no computers, nothing on 2 meters and up, so HF was the ONLY option available.
Communications via the Internet is so easy now. This is why a lot of present day "amateurs", if you can call them that, use repeaters, D-star, E-link and so on. However, they won't experience the pleasure of using Morse on the HF bands unless they knuckle down and learn the code and realise just what they have been missing. Yes,it does take time. It's not a weekend project, but a very worthwhile one which will last you for the rest of your life.
But hey, you DO have time now. Stop the frivolous activities, such as watching TV, and join one of the classes locally. You will not regret it if you are interested in global RADIO communications.
We do it, not because it's easy, but because it's hard, but the rewards await you.


To make life easier for the beginner, here are a couple of things you can do.

1  This very comprehensive Morse tutor is only £29 and will give endless hours of practice.

Morse tutor

This information was sent to me by Chris G4CCX. Take a look here and see for yourself:


Using this in addition to the classes that are available will enable you to become a proficient CW operator and open up a whole new world!

2  Join one of the local classes, according to your present ability. Classes are available to cater for the raw beginner to the advanced student who wishes to improve keyboard skills at 25+ wpm.


Just to prove a point, I received an email from Phil G4LPP, who has been keen on CW since he moved to Norfolk a couple of years ago. He used RufzXP to improve his callsign copy ability and has managed a new PB.

Probably not too legible here at this size, but it proves that Phil has just achieved 50wpm copy.  Phil Says:

Yes, not perfect but finally hit the 50 wpm !
Your inspiration has pushed me on despite the ‘bad cop’ tricks!


Phil RUFZxp


CW 80m Net
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club CW Net.
This is an informal net, to enable people to become familiar with operating in a net, netting properly and being short and to the point with their transmissions.
NARC Net: 3545kHz plus or minus QRM.
The Net Controller, normally Malcolm G3PDH, will call CQ at 8.30 p.m. local time on Monday evenings. Call with just your call sign once until he acknowledges you.
1 Keep a note of the order. This will be sent.
2 Net on to the Net Controller to the nearest Hz if you can.
3 Keep overs short with brief comments, no waffling, and pass transmission to the next on the list.
4 There is a 2m discussion after the Net on 145.250MHz


This week we had NINE people on the Net. I am very pleased to say that the "netting" was nearly perfect, the overs appropriately short so that in our one hour we had about 3 overs each, and best of all we now operate at 24 wpm, with everybody able to copy. A couple do use straight keys so are understandably under the 24wpm. We were joined this week by John G4PFZ who was very relaxed about it and that was good to see.

While mentioning John G4PFZ, congratulations to him on becoming a member of CW OPS with a membership number of 2777.  John even joined in on the 0300z session, as a good start to gaining points toward his GOLD award for this year.    ( Quite why he is holding a "microphone", I think it is called, I am not sure however! )


Morse Classes for winter 2020 are going well.
Report from G3LDI, the Bad Cop, on the Monday QSO format session. 145.250MHz / 3.521MHz 1000 local time.

bad cop
The New Year started well. I did normal headcopy practice this week with speeds starting at 25 wpm and finishing at the end of the session at 30wpm. There were three taking part, Phil G4LPP, Chris G4CCX and Les G0DFC. Mark G0TMT was in listening mode only because his speed is not up there at the moment
Now that we are in total lockdown once again, there is no better time than the present to LEARN so give yourself a chance and join the fun. You will be most welcome.
73 de Roger, G3LDI

Report from Jim, the Good Cop, on his 25wpm session. GB3NB repeater 2000 local time Tuesdays.

good cop
Beginners 25wpm CW starts 8pm Tuesday Jan 12th on GB3NB


Happy New Year everyone … how are the New Year Resolutions going then?

Want to get a really good one in the bag? Here is a chance to start a complete beginners CW course from alphabet and figures to punctuations BUT AT 25WPM!

Why do this? Well there is evidence that we are very good at learning to identify sounds, remembering pieces of music or songs. Its a sound and the music notes are not slowed down and spaced out before we learn them, so why do the same with morse?

So, the plan is to run a total beginners class to learn morse at 25wpm from scratch. You can do this if you decide its your goal for the year. Unlike last year, I now have a full set of practice MP3 audio files plus the matching text files which you can find on the NARC website. I will not leave a set of letters until all those in the group have mastered them, so it may take more than one week; in fact it will take as long as it takes! The reward is that you end up recognising sounds of letters and not counting dots or dashes in a letter.

I would imagine that given your commitment to practice in-between the weekly lessons you will be able to have, and/or listen to, QSOs at 25wpm by the end of the year and you can tick off a really major New Year’s Resolution by this time next year.

I welcome anyone who wants to do this, whatever their previous experience of trying to learn morse, but I want to stress that we will not move on until the group has mastered each character set.

Send me an email if interested to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simply join on the night. You will be expected to put in the practice time, not huge, but 15-30mins each day will make a tremendous difference.

Spoilt for choice this year; there is also a very good course run by Phil, G4LPP using traditional speeds on Friday evenings, either way this is the year for you to make it happen.

73 de Jim



Morse with Anubis - Tuesdays 1000 on 145.250MHz. Thursdays on GB3NB 1000 local time.


GB2CW Report 07-01-21

The first week of a new year for the Morse classes.

Tuesday's morse class on 145.250 mhz was attended by three students.
The emphasis was on QSO format, after a warm up session with some plain language.
Everyone returned from the break in fine form, and speeds ranged from 21wpm to 25wpm.

Thursday's session on GB3NB was once again attended by three students.
This time we concentrated on some contest based exchages, ranging from the standard report and serial number exchanges, to more complicated ones involving postcodes and QRA locators.Some QSO format and some plain language to finish the session. Everyone did extremely well once again, with speeds up to 25wpm.

Enquiries were also made by a member of the Lowestoft and Pye radio club about the various morse sessions, details can be found on the NARC web site.

Class times for Morse with Anubis are

Tuesday 10am - 11am 145.250 mhz FM simplex
Thursday 10am - 11am GB3NB repeater

73 es HNY from Chris G4CCX




Morse with Doctor Phil.
Report from GB2CW beginners class, Friday evenings at 8pm on 145.250MHz.

The raw beginners CW class is starting again at 8pm this Friday 8th January on 144.250MHz with week 11.
We are now past the learning of the alphabet and numbers and are starting to practice callsign recognition, Q codes, numbers and short words. Character speed is 14 WPM with word speed 7 WPM. At this level we’re about right for new members who took their CW certificate back in the day to get an A licence but have never used CW since!!

Looking forward to seeing you all there again.

Happy new year and 73 from Phil G4LPP / GB2CW.


Phil's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Email him if you wish to join in.
By the way, Phil is a GOOD cop, so you will be treated kindly!
Report from the Executive Club, Malcolm G3PDH - Thursdays GB3NB 2000 local time.

The Ultimate aim for all CW OPS
Advanced CW session.
On Thursday night the session was joined by Paul M1AFQ, Pete G4RAV and Chris G4CCX. Despite speeds being higher than his comfort zone Paul managed to copy quite a lot and was unphased by the high speeds which ranged from 27 to 32 wpm. Chris G4CCX continued to take it down directly on keyboard with mainly 100% copy and Pete G4RAV used pencil and paper with almost 100% accuracy.
Malcolm G3PDH


Malcolm G3PDH


 cw ops logo


The CWOPS CWT activity periods are still as popular as ever.
There will be several medallions heading this way in the spring, of varying colour, several gold, silver and at least one bronze.
If you aspire to join CW OPS, prove your worth with a few >20wpm QSOs, chatty ones, you can get in!          It is a lot of fun operating in the CWTs, and terrific practice too.

The link below is to FAV22. THis is a military station on 3881.00kHz and runs at varying speeds with groups of letters, numbers, punctuation and procedural signals. It is on 24/7 so take a look It is well worth the practice.
If you look up this link in Google Chrome, it will translate into English for you.


Email me with input, queries, keys, paddles, classes and so on. Hopefully I can help or know a man that can!
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.



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Your login will normally be your callsign.


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