Wednesday 21st October - NARC Live!

Sadly Phil Holliday ZL3PAH has emailed to say he is unwell and cannot give his talk on his homebrew transceiver tomorrow..... get well soon Phil and we look forward to your talk at a later date

So we have arranged a last minute treat, and not only do we present the video on the adventurous DXpedition to T32C Christmas Island, but to introduce it we have one of the original Team members Chris G3SVL who will also answer YOUR questions about it live afterwards! Special thanks to Chris for agreeing to do this at such short notice and also arranging clearance for us to show it because it is normally only sold on DVD.

Plus we have regulars 'Who works from a shack like this', Tammys 'Little people' and we always enjoy sharing your news and view so please send them to us...

David G7URP & Tammy M0TC   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Everyone welcome! Here are the two places you can watch:

Join us at 7.30pm as usual on either Facebook:


or British Amateur Television Club:


Note that our Facebook page also has recordings of all NARC Lives if you would like to catch-up!



The amazing story of how the T32C DXpedition happened, and with us live to introduce the film and answer questions is Team member Chris G3SVL