Still More (S)NoooZzz and ol' squit from the Filby Amateur Radio Transmitter Society:
RSGB 50MHz AFS Contest:
Held on Sunday 20th October.
Three stations entered on behalf of NARC, G3PXT (24Qs), G4LPP (11), G8VPE (3).
I wonder when we might expect to see some results published?
144MHz UK Activity Contest (05/11/19):
Following the publication of the results NARC has moved up from 38th out of 69 clubs to 35th position in the 2m band tabulations.
Thanks to the efforts of our three competitors we're almost half way up the table, or just over half way down, depending upon your viewing point.
Hoping that everyone will be ready, willing and able for the last 2m UKAC of this year on Tuesday 3rd December 2000 to 2230utc, we could just find that 34th spot in the table.
Tuesday 12th Nov 70cm UKAC:
Only two club members entered this contest, Phil G4LPP scored 6 QSOs and G8VPE made just 2 Qs.
Results are expected to appear soon. Next event is Tuesday 10th December at 2000utc.
I keep hearing the same old moan about VHF contests. Well, no wonder that the rest of the UK doesn't beam towards Norfolk - there's not enough activity here!
If you want more stations to beam this way then you have to start by making more noise to attract them and don't wait until somebody else does it - you have to make the first move.
Thursday 14th Nov 6m UKAC:
Results have recently been published for this contest and NARC have moved up to 20th position from 23rd out of 37 clubs and groups in this table.
Our two lonely contesters actually made a difference!
Last 6m one of the year: Thursday December 12th 2000-2230 Local time. Could we make it to 18th position? - it's up to you.
Other activity above 30MHz - yes there is some:
No club member has yet put a contest entry in for any 23cm UKAC.
I wonder if the club's new IC9700 has even been tried out on 1296MHz yet, your report and findings would be welcome to the rest of the club members who are pondering the purchase of one - time is running short for Santa to deliver this year.
Here's a good opportunity:
Tues 17th Dec 23cm UKAC - try out the club's new IC9700 and tell us all how it performs.
Tues 3rd Dec 2m UKAC.
Sunday 8th Dec RSGB 2m AFS 1000 to 1600utc.
Tues 10th Dec 432MHz UKAC.
Thurs 12th Dec 50MHz UKAC.
Thurs 19th Dec 4m UKAC.
The UKACs are still on-going during December and the usual 4 mini VHF Cumulative Contests begin on Boxing Day 26th December for four consecutive afternoons, your choice of 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm or even all of them. These are kindly arranged each year for those who need to get into the shack for a couple of hours away from the family and the turkey or just for those Bah Humbug merchants who don't bother with the celebrations and just spend far too long on the radio in the shack.
144MHz UKACs start again on the first Tuesday of January (07/01/2020).
Don't miss the SARTG NEW YEAR RTTY 80/40m contest on 1st January 2020, 0800 to 1100utc, a very laid back style of contest exchanging New Year greetings in different languages.
Rules: http://www.sartg.com/contest/nyrules.htm
HF will kick-off again in January 2020 with the three RSGB 80m-40m AFS Contests:
Saturday 4th January 2020 with CW AFS 1300-1700utc.
Sunday 12th January 2020 with DATA AFS 1300-1700utc.
Saturday 18th January 2020 with SSB AFS 1300-1700utc.
80m CCs begin Monday 3rd February 2020 with SSB, (split teams or not?)
Every entered log even for one or two contacts means more points to the NARC total - support your club!
Saturday 8th February 2020 1st 1.8MHz CW 1900-2300utc.
Monday 11th November was the Autumn Series DATA on 80m.
Band conditions were not ideal on 80m but we managed to upload 12 logs this time with a few really good scores.
Final results are a win for NARC!
NARC 7081 points to 6285 points for our rivals De Montfort University ARS.
That should help to cement our 2nd place in the 2019 80m Autumn Series
Wednesday 20th November 2019 was the Autumn Series SSB on 80m.

8 logs submitted by NARC members with some good scores but not quite enough.

RAW scores are:

NARC 2670 points against 3597 from De Montfort University ARS.(also with 8 logs).

Full scores will be published soon we hope.


Just one to go............When you read this it will be all over, done and dusted!


Thursday 28th November 2019 CW.

Hoping that we had a maximum turnout - but then again maybe they'd rather be watching the Party Political Broadcasts on the one-eyed monster!

We shall see how it turns out.


9th Nov RSGB Club Calls (1.8MHz AFS) on 160m.

I'd made good improvements to my 160m antenna which did improve my scores on top band even with the 32W maximum limit for this contest.

How some stations managed to be such big signals with 32W is a sheer miracle.

5 Members of NARC entered logs, which gave us a full team of four for Norfolk ARC 'A' and also and entry for Norfolk ARC 'B'

The published results show Norfolk ARC 'A' team in 6th position in the Local Section.

Well done to all who contributed logs.


Saturday 16th Nov RSGB 2nd 1.8MHz CW contest.

Once again great fun was had on top band. I counted logs from 4 NARC club members.

This is not a club contest but an individual event with scores forming the final contest entry to the HF Championship.
Peter M0RYB(/P) challenged well, held a good lead from the first event but was overtaken on the 7th event (HF Low Power) and in spite of some excellent score was unable to re-take the lead. Once more Peter missed out on a win in the HF Championship, honours and the G2QT Cup go to Dave G3TBK this year..CQ WW DX CW contest, 23/24th November a 48 hour marathon of CWWorldwide this is probably the biggest contest of the HF calendar.I've counted eight members of NARC who have uploaded logs for this contest, but the entry window is still open until midnight on Friday 29th Nov.Jim G3YLA really challenged himself with his new hex-beam and went QRP with just 5Watts. He worked hard and ended with a marvellous total of 408 QSOs giving a total of 103,734 points. Comparing this score with last year's results ought to put Jim in at least the top 30 entries worldwide in his chosen Section of the contest. No doubt we'll have to wait until the new year for the final adjudication of this contest and we'll keep an eye on where Jim is finally placed in England, in Europe and in the world scores.My scores were much less impressive with 118 QSOs and 27,531 points. A lot of time was spent on Top Band, it was slow at times but yielded 52 QSOs in 36 DXCC entities, best DX was probably VY2ZM - very well known on 160m. Lots of 160m activity from NW Africa including Morocco, Western Sahara, Madeira and Canary Is. and in the other direction to Faroe Is, Sweden, Norway, Finland with Bulgaria and European Russia in the East.15m was very active from late Saturday morning, worked Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Islands with Mauritius and Reunion Is. in the opposite direction all on 21MHz..73 John G8VPE.



Another correction to thelist.  Dick G3WRJ should read G£ and not G0.

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