With thanks to Paul G3SEM, tonight NARC is priviliged to have an exclusive look at an important film recognising some vitally important work done during the war by fellow amateurs:

We will be able to see the first public showing of a special extended film.....
In 1979 "The Secret Listeners" was a TV programme some 25 minutes long. But a lot of unused material has been hidden away in the East Anglian Film archive, but recently it has been copied to Tape and cleared with Security Services. A 55 min extended show is the Result and this is what we will be showing tonight for the first time.
The Secret Listeners were a group of 1,500 radio amateurs who, during the WWII, provided much of the material for Bletchley Park to decode. They were, in the main, recruited by the RSGB and most were the top contest operators of their day. For some 40 years Paul has been trying to get some form of recognition for their valuable work. So far I have written to 2 Prime ministers, 2 Foreign Secretaries and numerous letters to GCHQ. 
GCHQ, whose motto is "We are always listening", has never replied to any of my letters or phone calls!
Paul will give a brief introduction and then we will watch the programme. Because it is nearly an hour long I will be holding notices slightly earlier than usual at 7.30pm so that we can watch the programme and have a bit of time for any questions or comments at the end.
So we meet from 7pm and proceedings will start at 7.30pm.
73, David G7URP
NB   Hamfest bookings are at 14 so far - note that a minimum of 25 people need to book by Wednesday 28th August to make the trip viable and if 35 or more book by then there will be £5 cash back. Cost £25 return including Hamfest entrance ticket.