Tonight is an informal meeting with Morse practice in the computer room and a social meet with construction tools available in the main room.

As usual we meet from 7pm - 9.30pm in the 6th form common room of CNS.

Also it is the deadline to book our final foundation course for 2019 - email me for application forms.

73, David G7URP

NB: The Electron Electronics group meeting originally scheduled for tonight has been postponed for a week until Wednesday 26th June which is a non-contest night and so more people can come. But please make suggestions for topics for demo/discussion/help to the IO Group or email to David G7URP

We had another good session in the cricket world cup on Thursday with GB19ENG

M0SYW Sonny and 2E0DJR Julian joined G0DWV Chris for another double session, ie 12 hours. However, due to work commitments we didn’t start until about 4pm with two stations, one on FT8 shared by Julian and Sonny made 237 qso’s, all continents worked inc best DX was VK7 Tasmania!

Sonny and Chris made just over 800 qso’s on SSB, with some great pile ups on 17m into the USA in the evening along with 20m and 40m.  Great fun.

We shut down about 00.30 when the pile ups finished and our bed were callig.

Watch out for info on the next session, all are welcome to come and have a go or just find out more about what is possible, as its a small shack its probably best to let me know. Sessions start at 12 noon local and if the weather is good there is plenty of outside seating.

Jim and Roger have threatened to come but haven’t made it yet. Maybe some of the clubs aspiring CW ops would like to come and have a go on.

See you all in the pile ups


Chris G0DWV, Host of GB19ENG Thursday 13th June 19

Next event GB19AUS 27th June

Logs available to anyone for analyses, just email Chris G0DWV.






This is the final call for an unclaimed RadioActive Super Raffle prize with ticket 892 which does not have any name or callsign on it.  If it is not claimed this week I will add it to the Barford Rally Raffle prizes.

Also I am pleased to say that after a sale of most of the remaining test equipment the final total raised was £922, which has been divided and paid to both Cancer Research and The Big C Norfolk cancer charity.

Thanks once again to everyone who supported the event.

73, David G7URP

HF News

We had another quite settled week. The Kp index rose to four on the eighth thanks to a glancing blow from an earlier coronal mass ejection.

It rose to three again on Thursday 13th due to an enhanced solar wind stream. The solar flux index remained around 70 thanks to a total lack of sunspots.

It is hard to believe we are heading for the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere, especially with last week’s weather!

This is characterised by lower daytime maximum useable frequencies than winter, but higher nighttime MUFs. Don’t write off 20 or 30 metres in the evening as the bands may well be open all night.

Otherwise, the highlights are likely to be due to Sporadic E, with June perhaps offering some of the best, with openings from 40 through to 10 metres.

Next week, NOAA predicts more of the same with the solar flux index pegged at 68-70 with the Kp index averaging around two.

There is the risk of an increase in the Kp index this weekend thanks to an Earth-facing coronal hole, but this is unlikely to be long lasting.

VHF and up

We ended the week with the last of the very wet unsettled weather, but high pressure is making an appearance in the far south, which could well put Tropo back on the agenda again for the coming week.

The regions most likely to benefit are southern England into the continent and across Biscay to Spain. These improved conditions may extend into northern Britain later.

The heavy thunderstorms last week brought almost daily GHz bands rain scatter conditions for those fortunate enough to be around to catch them. These showers should still be present in some northern areas at first next week, again providing a potential source for rain scatter.

As we said earlier, it’s high season for Sporadic E and the jet stream distribution suggests that there will be some options for Es because of the placement of these jet streams, although the strength looks weaker as we move through the coming week.

The Moon is at minimum declination this coming Tuesday and with apogee just a week away the Moon is only up for a few hours either side of midnight and path losses increase all week.

June has three daytime meteor showers, two are over, but the Bootids shower, peaking on June 27th, associated with comet 7P/Pons-Winnecke produced high activity in 1998 and 2004. The last perihelion passage the comet was in 2015, and no unusual activity is predicted for 2019.


Classes are pretty well normal again. Malcolm G3PDH has not carried on with the advance class however. Stephen and Phil in the beginner's class are doing very well and will soon be migrating to Jim's Intermediate class permanently, after taking care of a few rough edges.
The two groups, one in Scotland and the other in Hereford, running bootcamps both report a great success. The Scottish one was very well attended and there are two new vounteers in GM running regular GB2CW classes.Just look how many were in the Scottish Bootcamp. I am veery encouraged by this!

Club images 095 2





Both Jim G3YLA and Roger G3LDI have said that if we are in the shack and not doing anything, we might give an ad hoc class at the usual times, so please keep a watch for us. We have been doing this and have had normal classes for the last few weeks. I cannot do as much outside as I used to, so the classes may stay!
Good to see several taking advantage of this. So far it has worked out pretty well.

Great to see the support that Paul M1AFQ is receiving at the Club with his Morse in the Computer Room practice sessions. Try it! It really is fun.
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.

Once again, our indominatable far-eastern correspondent and bean counter has a hot keyboard!
Frank Laanen PE1EWR has written in to say that he enjoys reading our NARC weekly Newsletter and makes the observations below.
He has worked Roger G3LDI on 3 occasions this year so far, all 80m contests in SSB:
We wkd 3 times this year :

19-jan 13:25 3722kHz
28-mar 20:13 3619kHz
13-may 19:16 3617kHz
Most of my QSLing is done through eQSL. All cards received will be responded to in the same way as received.
You might not be aware, but I’m receiving the NARC Newletter, and read it regularly.
This time I want to reflect on the article about Rodney G0CBO.
I feel like I missed Rodney, it should have been easy to work him during the May 144MHz contest.
On the other hand, I tried to work John G8VPE a few times, which proved to be quite difficult…
It would be nice if you could point out that my station will be active on most RSGB contests, HF and VHF/UHF/SHF.
The greatest problem is usually that the antennas on the East coast are not pointed to me J
But I will be glad to help you guys to gain some points in your contests (at the same time helping my own club in their competition).
73, Frank PE1EWR


>From John G8VPE:

Many thanks for your comments Frank, it has been such a long time since we worked last - keep trying!
I can't remember the last time we made contact on 144MHz. My 2m antennas have become mostly not useable these days.
I quite often hear you calling other stations on 80m and you are usually quite a good signal on my wire dipole.
I frequently spot Frank's callsign in the RSGB contest listings and results.
I usually make a small entry for the PACC contest each February but it usually is on the same weekend as the RSGB 1.8MHz and also the CQ WW WPX RTTY contest and I spend a little time operating each of them.


Rodney G0CBO will be organising a team to operate /P "in the field" for the 144 MHz Trophy contest on 6/7th September so look out for one of the club calls in that one.

I don't know whether the club may participate in SSB Field Day from the same site, which is on the same weekend.
Rodney informs us that he has now taken over from Roger G3LDI as Chairman of the Norfolk Repeater Group which looks after GB3NB, GB7NB, GB3AH and GB3NV.

'Google' Norfolk Repeater Group for all the latest status on those repeaters and the recent AGM report.
It is good to receive reports from other contesters and operators and their input is always most welcome for inclusion in the newsletter.
80m CC News:

We are still waiting for results of the DATA contest on 25/05/19 and since then we've taken part in two more 80m CC contests!
As mentioned last week the raw results straight from my abacus don't look good for that contest, we could be down by 2000+ points.
The CW contest on the 30/5/19 was quite hard fought with our 16 logs to De Montfort's 12 logs. This time 11 stations out of our 16 managed to contact G6XX for a bonuses worth 44extra QSOs, nearly another log for us. We must have done very well with the bonuses since we gained 673 points above my raw calculations.

Final adjudicated results gave NARC a win:

8297 points for NARC. 769 ahead - again!

7528 points for De Montfort.
The next DATA contest was on 10/06/19 and band conditions although not excessively noisy meant that scores all round seemed to be lower than those that we usually expect.

RAW results show:
8629 points for NARC, maybe 2200 pts ahead.
6412 points for De Montfort.
We cajoled 15 logs from our club membership, but our closest rivals only submitted 10 logs which reflects in the totals.
G6XX was a bit elusive for some of our members, both Chris G4CCX and G8VPE reported working the bonus station on both RTTY and PSK63 for double the bonus points.
Raw results also indicate that Peter M0RYB/P will probably claim 1st place in the 10 Watt Unassisted group.
We also had 5 logs scoring between 101 and 75 QSOs, so not all bad.
Just 5 more 80m CCs remaining, 2*CW, 2*SSB and the final DATA. Still time to join in and help the club maintain their hold on the Horace Freeman Trophy.
32 stations have contributed logs this year so far, but the most at any one time has been 22 logs, how can we persuade the other 10 to join in again?
Next CC will be Wednesday 19th June for a good old CW melee - see you in the QRM!
Since 30th May there has been considerable activity from the Cricket World Cup (CWC) special event stations- even on the higher HF bands with occasionally good propagation on 10, 12 and 15 metres.

Local stations Gordon G3PXT (GB19SL) and Peter M0RYB (GB19AUS, GB19ENG) have been putting in many hours of operating the special calls assisted by Chris G0DWV and others from his QTH on certain dates. Hopefully enthusiasm will continue until mid-July when the final cricket match takes place.

If you hear a GB19 call, try to work them, usually a quick 59(9) is all that is required, with maybe a courteous thank you (73 or TU in CW). It's not a contest as such but at times the operators do get very busy with continuous pile-ups and don't need the often heard lengthy sign-offs like "Best wishes to you and your XYL, grandmother grandfather and all your children and the dog, cat, goldfish and budgie. QSL 100% via buro"
We are presently well into the Sporadic E (Es) season so expect strong continental signals for brief periods on 6m and 10m, maybe 2m as well.
This weekend 15th/16th June the RSGB 50MHz Trophy contest runs from 1400utc Saturday until 1400utc Sunday.
Lots of linear amplifiers and enviable antenna arrays will be dusted off for this event so plenty of activity may ensue.
Expect mostly SSB and CW operation, although MGM modes are permitted, provided RST, serial number and 6 figure locator are logged - take a look at the rules for full details.
At the moment (Thursday evening) it's UK Activity Contest on 6m but nothing workable from here on my wet-spaghetti dipole and plagued by loud static crashes every 3 seconds.

73 fer now John G8VPE

The contest net is on Friday evenings, 145.250Mhz at 2000. If you require help please call in.
NEWS AND COMMENTS PLEASE TO ME: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
That's it for this time. 73 de Roger, G3LDI


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