Saturday 11th July - Koblenz Sked 

Our regular monthly sked with our twinned town of Koblenz. The sked starts at 10am British Summer Time on 7.135MHz with a local talk in to the new controller on 145.250MHz. 



Monday 13th July - Monday night net

Tonight Steve G3EVA hosts our net asking "What do you collect or what have you collected in the past" . 

Join Steve on repeater GB3NB from 19.30 BST.

Everyone welcome!



Wednesday 15th July - NARC Live!

NARC Live! is the weekly magazine show of Norfolk Amateur Radio Club live streamed on BATC and Facebook from 19.30 BST - everyone is welcome!


Tonight we launch a new section to NARC Live! called "Getting to know...." where we have an exclusive interview with someone from the Amateur Radio World.

Our first guest is Graham Somerville M3ZGS who founded and runs BHI Limited, a british company which specialises in making innovating noise cancelling products which can be retrofitted and connected to most amateur radios. 




We will also have some extra photos of wildlife tech which didnt make last weeks Animal Watch special plus we would really like you to send us your news, views and photos - latest is by 3pm on Wednesday please as thats when we put the programme together.


Join us for NARC Live! every Wednesday at 19.30 on either of these places:





(you can also watch a recording of previous NARC Lives on our Facebook page although cannot interact)



Tonight @ 8 from the RSGB

Also on Monday 'Tonight @ 8' is a live webinar technically produced by David & Tammy for the RSGB and this week features John Rogers, M0JAV who is going to talk about and demonstrate live how to measure interference from VDSL internet.

The Webinar starts at 20.00 although a recording will also be available on the societies YouTube channel afterwards.

For more details see www.rsgb.org/webinars



Best Wishes from NARC....
We have created a special card from Norfolk Amateur Radio club featuring pictures of club events and people.
If you know anyone who is unwell or just feeling fed up in these strange times and would be cheered by receiving one of these cards from the club (amateur or not), drop David & Tammy a line with the recipients address and we will be pleased to send one.


Each week we show you the shack of a NARC member and ask you to guess whose shack it is.

So look below and see if you can work out "Who works from a shack like this....." - one picture of each side of the room.....






If you think you know whose shack it is please email David & Tammy with your guess to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - the deadline for answers is 3pm on Wednesday and be sure to watch NARC Live on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm to find out who's it is!



Last weeks shack (below) belonged to Merv MI0TMW and only one person guessed it correctly, congratulations to Vic G0FEI / N0FEI


 P9013668 (1)ZZX.jpg


Contest Nooze from a village East of Norwich.
(Week 28)

80m Club Championship:

The 80mCC CW contest took place Monday evening (06/07/20) and full results are expected soon.
There are a few surprises in the RAW results, with both 3As CG and Bristol CG having a final flourish in the last CW session and overtaking both NARC teams. Overall positions at the top remain the same with De Montfort University ARS in 1st place, NARC Nelson in 2nd place and NARC Boudica in 3rd place.
Raw result predictions, 80mCC CW:
De Montfort University ARS 6309 points.
3As CG 5708 points.
Bristol CG 5693 points.
NARC Nelson 5391 points.
NARC Boudica 5208 points.
Scores will go up or down when the full results take into account the UBNs and the bonus points for working G6XX.

Coming to your 80m shack soon, for the final sessions:
80m CC SSB - Wednesday 15th July.
80m CC DATA - Thursday 23rd July. (Final CC event in 2020).
RSGB FT4 Contests:
Monday 27th July is the next RSGB FT4 contest.
Monday 28th September FT4.
Monday 19th October FT4.
Monday 16th November FT4 (Last one).


simpson contest
RSGB Contest Committee special conditions for Single Operator Portable operation.
All activities must be properly socially distanced with all station activity, including station assembly being carried out by the operator, or only with support from people who are living at the same house. We are not opening up ‘normal’ multi-operator contesting as in section ‘O’ entries at this time. Also, any local COVID-19 restrictions, such as any limitation on access to particular public locations must be strictly observed.
RSGB Low Power Field Day. (single op. only)
Sunday 19th July on 20m, 40m and 80m from 0900utc to 1600utc, with a 1 hour break from 1200utc to 1300utc.
Power limits have changed for this year with the 3W limit section now increased to 5W maximum but the 10W limit remains for QRO.
Only single operator entries will be accepted. Single Op. Portable operation is possible, provided that the latest guidelines from the RSGB contest committee are followed.
Rules at:
RSGB 70MHz Trophy contest.
Sunday 19th July from 1000 to 1600utc.
Single operator entries only, Fixed station or /P (see above guidelines).
RSGB IOTA Contest.
Saturday and Sunday 25th & 26th July will be held in a slightly different format this year.
It will be exclusively for Single Operators using their home stations.
Single Operator Fixed “Island” or “World” Stations are eligible to enter, but there will be no large DX-peditions to remote islands.
Modified Rules at:
RSGB HF Contests take a break during August, but VHF events continue.
There are other HF contests during August, organised by other national societies.
For details visit the website below for the Contest Calendar by Bruce WA7BNM.
RSGB HF SSB Field Day.
Single Operator Only, on Saturday & Sunday, 5th & 6th September. Single Op. Portable operation is permitted.
SSB FD Rules at:
RSGB 144MHz Trophy Contest.
The VHF event is usually held on the same weekend as HF SSB FD, 5th & 6th September.
Again, caution and safety is of paramount importance and the VHF rules state "Single operator entries only" in all sections.
Single Op. Portable operation is permitted.
Rules at:
RSGB 50 MHz Trophy Contest ( 20th & 21st June ) Results.
NARC members operating on 6m were rewarded with some occasional Sporadic E propagation.
Results have been published and Phil G4LPP managed a very creditable 24th place out of 51 entries in the 24hour section with 63 QSOs.
G8VPE with just a token entry in the 6hour section managed 77th place with 7Qs, and there's always one that got away, this time it was ES1BH (not in log) which would have considerably boosted my score.
The best DX was around breakfast time on Sunday morning with Es to the Baltic region and to Ukraine
Both stations worked Val UY1HY (well known in CWops) for best DX at 2185km.
RSGB 50MHz CW Contest. ( Sunday 28th June )
A few NARC members were active in the poor conditions. Awaiting results.

VHF UK Activity Contests.
All at 2000 to 2230 Local time.
Tuesday 14th July 432MHz UKAC.
Thursday 16th July 70MHz UKAC.
Tuesday 21st July 1.3GHz UKAC.
Tuesday 4th August 144MHz UKAC.
Thursday 13th August 50MHz UKAC.
VHF Calendar and Rules at:
Please also read the General rules for VHF & higher contests:
RSGB Lockdown VHF Field Day Contest.
This took place last weekend, 4th and 5th July.
So far only Phil G4LPP has submitted entries on behalf of NARC.
Phil participated on 4 bands, 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz and 432MHz. Well done Phil !
The Contest Net runs every Friday evening at 2000utc on 145.250MHz for anyone needing help and advice or on-air testing. If no direct assistance is needed then a short contest related discussion normally takes place before Ovaltine and bedtime.
Keep vigilant, keep your distance, remain safe and well.
73 John G8VPE

HF News

An elevated solar wind stream moved past Earth late on July 4th and early July 5th, sending the Kp index to three. This was the most significant solar event of the last week as otherwise the Sun remained calm.

The Kp index remained at one or zero for the rest of the week, which no doubt helped boost propagation.

There were no sunspots this week after the minor group, region 2766 that pushed the sunspot number to 12, vanished on Monday. Note that the number 12 represents two sunspots (2) in one group (+10), so it wasn’t quite as exciting as it sounds.

Otherwise there was little to write home about. Sporadic E continues to be the major mode of propagation, although there were days when it was more sporadic than the previous week!

We have probably seen the best of the Es season now, although it should keep running until late August, albeit at lower levels. If previous experience is anything to go on we can expect a few bigger openings yet so please don’t write off 10 metres completely.

The NOAA space weather prediction for next week doesn’t exactly inspire either. It has the solar flux index pegged at 68-69 with a maximum planetary Kp index of two.

The STEREO ahead spacecraft view shows very little in the way of forthcoming activity, other than a few bright spots in the extreme ultraviolet view that may or may not come to something as the Sun rotates.

Looking for some good news, according to the Chilton ionosonde data, 20 metres is generally staying open on 3,000km paths until around midnight on most nights, although you may find 30 metres more reliable.

VHF and up

It’s looking like another week of changes with last week’s unsettled weather making way for a new ridge of high pressure over this weekend.

This means that, after a period of potential GHz bands rain scatter, we are now heading into some Tropo prospects, especially in the south for paths into France and across Biscay to Spain.

Low pressure is never far away to the north and this is particularly true after mid-week when a low passes close to Scotland and showery fronts are driven across the country to give a few rain scatter options again.

The Sporadic E season is still out there and as usual the best advice is to check the bands and clusters for activity mid-morning and again late afternoon and early evening.

Moon declination goes positive today and 144 MHz sky noise is low but rising as the week progresses. Apogee is tonight so path losses will be falling throughout the week. Peak Moon declination is just a week away, meaning longer Moon windows – time to get that EME system up and running again.

There are no major meteor showers this week, so continue to operate around local dawn for the best chance of random meteor scatter contacts.


Jim's classes have completed, but he is continuing with revision. That is very encouraging!
Good to see several keeping up with him too.
Beginners 25wpm CW revision 7th July 2020



The evening class at 8pm on the GB3NB repeater was another revision exercise, but this time we started going over actual QSO formats for complete overs in a CW QSO. The first three overs were covered this week leaving just the saying 73 and goodbye over for next week. The idea is to become familiar with the ‘rubber stamp’ template for a QSO, which is a bit bit more than just 599 and 73!

Over 1: typically the thanks for the call and give a report plus name and QTH.
Over 2: station info like rig, power and antenna
Over 3: extra info like wx details or what the band conditions have been like
Over 4: final with thanks for QSO and 73 plus QSL info if required

All this varies from amateur to amateur, so there is no exact format, but the above is a useful guide to the order in which the QSOs might evolve. There is nothing to stop you having more elaborate conversational overs, in fact this could form the foundations of any free-ranging head copy style QSO.

If you want to try out these basic formats, look for the Practice QSO files on the NARC website, these are in QSO1-4. As well as a receiving exercise, its also good to practice sending these yourself and, if you can, use a reader to monitor what you are sending. After a while you will hear things like this and feel like you can join in, because it is no longer a mystery black art of abbreviations.

Everyone is making great steps, but the clarion call is to practice by listening on the bands to faster morse than you feel comfortable with; getting 60% is a good result and should draw you forward over time.

73 de Jim



Night fo Nights cancelled.

Coronavirus has taken its toll of this event too:
The KPH staff will be on the air from their home stations for NON on the usual K6KPH frequencies. However, it is not likely that they will make it to EU.

More details of this and other stuff can be found in the MRHS newsletter No.62
Go to :: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.radiomarine.org
The CWOPS CWT activity periods are very well attended now, even on the early morning ones, three of us at least turn up.

With lockdown, it is a super time to learn CW, but it does need the Big P word!!
It will soon be time for the CW OPS Open, held on the first Saturday in September. This is a serious contest, with three four-hour periods. It is great fun however, and four hours is not too long, especially in Lockdown!! Take a look on the CW OPS web site.

"My Favourite Keys"
I would appreciate pictures of your key or keys together with a head shot so I can compile them for a page on the CLub's web site. Emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I am featuring them here first, so please send them along, together with a mug shot. I AM RUNNING SHORT!!!

This week it is Peter G4RAV who is featured with his one and only key. It is of course the famous Czech army Morse key, a very nice straight key to own and use. It is very robust, built like a tank and takes quite a bit of getting into, lifting the lid I mean! It took me ages to sort that out. They are still available and are very reasonable to buy.


Pete G4RAV


g4rav 1


g4rav 2


g4rav 3
I could use some more pictures to feature here please. It does not matter if you are not overly active, but just shows what key(s) you use. Don't forget the mug shot too!


Lockdown Morse is going really well with over 1000 people watching Matt.
Well done Matt! Way to go! About time you did some of the CC contests for the club!

CW Academy is another source of instruction. It's on line and is run by the CW OPS Club. Details can be found here:
Headcopy Class is also going well.
There may be a few times when Headcopy Class has a break for the summer, as other work calls at G3LDI. However, if someone else wants to run it please let me know.
So, join us at 1000 on Monday mornings and have some fun. GOTA is the accronym to apply here, Get On The Air and make more Qs.
The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne (Chaucer)

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.

















NARC Live! Wednesday 8th July - Animal Watch

Last wednesday was NARC Live's special evening on wildlife, pets and technology and featured members wonderful pictures, videos and stories captured over the past few months.


If you missed it live you can watch it again here:




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